The Pre=Sales for 1st time Director’s Stephen Biro’sAMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE” arrives just in time for the holiday season…the season of GORE!



Ryan Nicholson bowls out “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” teaser trailer

Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” is written and directed by Ryan Nicholson who previously helmed the first “Gutterballs“, creating the masked killer “BBK” and some of the most shockingly gruesome, seedily explicit sex and death scenes ever created.

With YOUR help contributing to our campaign, you will be unleashing BBK to kill again and and again and again.   With it’s double digit body count and original death scenes, “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” promises to deliver the red stuff and plenty of skin!

double the gore…
double the pain…
double the sex…


BBK returns to the bowling alley to kill and kill again in Ryan Nicholson’s sequel “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep“. Double the gore, double the sex and double the fucks, The Bowling Bag Killer is back in black and spreading the red amongst other things. Follow the campaign to bring BBK back at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gutterballs-2-balls-deep

Coming: Spring 2015

“Morris County” Available December 16th 2014

This coming Tuesday December 16th 2014 marks the culmination of a dream that became a reality for Director Matthew Garrett and his film “Morris County. After sitting idly by for 5 years, being shopped around to distributors, screened and appreciated at film festivals “Morris County” finally found a home at first with BTU Films and with the success of the “Bootleg Edition” release has moved forward to be released by Unearthed Films.


Pre-Order Available at:



Morris County
Synopsis: A trilogy of thematically connected stories as gruesome as they are tragic and heartfelt.

Award-winning writer/director Matthew Garrett (Beating Hearts) presents a trilogy of thematically connected stories as gruesome as they are tragic and heartfelt. In a performance praised by both Fangoria and Rue Morgue, Darcy Miller is “Ellie”, a damaged teenage girl harboring a terrible secret. Through the course of one traumatic day we learn what led this innocent girl down a path of self-destruction from which there is no return. In “The Family Rubin“, an upper middle-class Jewish family struggles to keep up appearances as their seemingly perfect life begins to crack at the seams. Albie Selznick (Ricochet, The Young & The Restless) leads an ensemble cast in this shocking and heartbreaking take on the destruction of the modern American family. Elderly Iris is laid off in “Elmer & Iris“, forcing her to join her curmudgeonly husband in early retirement. When Elmer suddenly dies, Iris decides to keep his decaying body around out of fear of living – and dying – alone. Pamela Stewart (Hal Hartley’s Trust and Amateur), Erik Fransden (The Colbert Report), and newcomer Alice Cannon star in this melancholy meditation on loss and the inescapable prison of old age. “Bolstered by grotesque FX from Brian Spears & Pete Gerner (I Sell The Dead, Stakeland, The Innkeepers), and a diverse score by electronic musician David Kristian (Karim Hussein’s La Belle Bete and Douglas Buck’s Prologue and Sisters), Morris County exposes suburbia’s dark heart and the self-destructive compulsions that fester within.” – Kier-La Janisse, author of House of Psychotic Women.
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August Underground’s Mordum (The magGot cut) as explained by Michael Todd Schneider

With the permission of Michael (magGot) Todd Schneider we present the below explanation of the ‘magGot Cut‘ of August Underground’s Mordum in his own words. Please note that Mr. Schneider expressed that in no way is anything said to be taken as negative, he simply felt the time was right to express in his own words and account of how August Underground’s Mordum progressed.


Mordum was originally a music video for Necrophagia. We (Toe Tag) had just come off of a huge high, nearly having a feature film financed by a company we grew up loving. The film would’ve had an $800,000 budget and been a theatrical release too. I fell into this opportunity while in NYC promoting my film A Tribute to Sanity at the NY International Film Fest. We regrouped in Pittsburgh and wrote two feature length scripts we could option to them as well as filmed two promotional shorts. A few short weeks later, we pitched them…and they wanted to film one of the two. But the actual investors were older and sitting on their hands. The company wound up never getting to film anything, so it was not only our loss but theirs. (They had planned on shooting three films that year.)

So, as we felt it slowly melting through our fingers we began writing a new film. That film was an early development of Opening the Mind actually.

Before we got too far into that, Killjoy contacted us and we all met up. Hit it off immediately. He wanted a music video akin to the original August Underground film. So we set out to begin filming.

Early on I saw the potential and started to edit it together as a film. See if it were possible. When we regrouped with Killjoy a few months later, I pulled out this three hour rough cut. Collectively we decided to move forward with making a feature. Shooting in the home video form was what allowed this of course. There was just the perfect chemistry in the air and I’d been getting very close to Cristie (Crusty) at the time. Pulled her in to paint and dabble with the illustrations for the promo shorts and concepts for those other two feature scripts for that studio. Since then, I’d been pushing for her to be more involved. She was a huge part in how Mordum evolved. I fed off of her unhinged and animalistic abilities to detach from the reality we are generally standing on. Together there was no place we couldn’t go to. It was powerful to say the least.

So from that meeting forward we were now making a feature. I was increasingly becoming unhappy with how things were within the company at the time. But everything was moving so fast that it was impossible to abandon till we finished things. My finances continued to dry up through production and the six months past completing the film.

During that time I was finishing work on the feature documentary Grotesque Fantasies. It peaked largely into the production of Mordum as well as the past films and productions we had collectively worked on. As well as the other folks who were involved in the film.

A film festival in Edmonton contacted us. Exofest, ran by David Bond (co-producer of The Profane Exhibit)… We hurried to finish a cut of Mordum. It was rushed. But we made the deadline.

The festival was wild. Originally they planned on flying us up. But the venue that they were holding the screening at cancelled last minute. If the fest was going to show Mordum and Takashi Miike’s film Visitor Q… they wouldn’t allow the fest to stay. So last minute, just a week or two before the fest they switched venues. When they did this, they lost their investors. So there was no way of flying us up. But we did a Q and A over the phone from my place. Another wild thing was that everyone who went into the screening had to sign these crazy forms. Asking about their mental stability and past regarding abuse, etc…

So flash forward…and we begin to put together a Pittsburgh premiere. I polish up the film and fix all the things rushed for the Edmonton/Exofest screening.

I had since lost my apartment and was living in this tiny room in a basement at a friends house. My stuff was in storage. All of my savings had gone into Mordum, Grotesque, Toe Tag, etc…I was at ground zero and had to get my life back on track. So I started working at a rehab facility. I had to bike 14 miles a day traveling there.

The day after the premiere I had a meeting with Fred, Jerami and Cristie. I explained my situation and that I had to step away and get my feet back on the ground. I was pretty heated about things within the company and though I wasn’t originally planning on leaving entirely, things needed to change before we moved onward. I needed to stabilize my own life again as I’d left it on the curb for a year and it cost me my own apartment.

It took me a little over a year working long hours and living in another world entirely. Mostly during the night shift.

During that time Toe Tag took the three hour rough cut, the Canadian premiere edit and the American premiere edit… shot additional footage and assembled their cut. That is the Toe Tag cut.

The ‘magGot cut‘ is the American premiere edit. Nobody has ever seen my own personal cut actually. Out of respect to Toe Tag, those involved with the film. I have always felt it deserved to be seen as it was originally created.

For a decade I didn’t even sell either Mordum or Grotesque Fantasies. I gave them away when people would purchase My Crepitus or the magGot Films Collection. I did this just so people could easily see the difference themselves. Rather then create further controversy. Which happened upon it’s own doing. I tried to separate from the negative energy as best as possible by doing this.

Last year as I came upon a crossroads on my own. A decade of magGot Films and taking control of my own health and well being. (Something that is often forgotten when being an artist…) I put together a tenth anniversary release of both films for the site. There is a commentary, interviews, original sketches, evidence, etc… The film’s are insanely personal and it had gotten to a point where it was more of an insult giving them away. When the only reason during those years that people were buying either of the other two releases were to see these two films. That builds a negative energy and moral on it’s own terms.

Lastly, I would like to add that Fred and I finally came to terms and reconnected in a way we hadn’t since first meeting back in 2002. We have lived a decade as artists, filmmakers, etc… and have seen and learned a lot since parting ways…and understand we are both different people now then we were then. Not necessarily ‘different’ in a complete sense as some people do a 180 and completely change what they do, or throw a dream away. But in the essence that we have evolved as humans and can relate more easily. Rather then holding onto things from a specific moment in time.

Fans and friends alike can now experience two completely different versions of the film. Both releases are really well done and any completist would have them both and see them both for their own merits. If it weren’t for their cut, Toe Tag would not be what it is today. Without my original cut, I would not be who I am today. It was a very pivotal and magical time in all of our lives. The process of making the film was full of energy that was youthful and fresh. The only real regret is how sour that it ended, when it didn’t have to if we’d all kept in better touch through that time of change. It was hard when pushing through long hours and getting your feet back on the ground. The year after leaving was the darkest days I have ever seen.

The film is not a negative memory though. Don’t misread that. Mordum and Grotesque Fantasies are part of my family. My children. As any other film I have ever worked on or made.

Please don’t distort anything I’ve said. None of it is meant to read negatively. But as a means to better see how all evolved and is.” – Michael Todd Schneider 12/10/2014


Horror Happens Radio Tuesday Dec 9th 2014

The Horror Happens Radio Show schedule for: Tuesday Dec 9th 2014
4:00PM to 10:00PM EST

Listen Live At:

All Live Guests Are Subject to Change
4:15PM: Filmmaker Eduardo Sanchez of the indie horror film Exists & Lovely Molly
5:35PM: Indie Underground and Extreme Filmmaker Ryan Nicholson discussing Gutterballs 2 Fan Funding
6:10PM: Talking Terror Radio Host Andrew Guthlein
7:15PM: Lead Actor Macon Blair & Filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier of the indie thriller Blue Ruin
8:15PM: VHS:VIRAL Director Marcel Sarmiento (Tentative)
9:15PM: Dead Summit & Those Among Us Author Daniel Loubier


Website: http://horrorhappens.com
Twitter: @horrorhappensrs & @ghostjlk


TOETAG Presents “The Redsin Tower Possession Edition”

In 2006 acclaimed director Fred Vogel unleashed his underground classic, The Redsin Tower, a macabre vision of passion and unhinged humanity. It’s simple premise about a lost love and the tragic events that follow is, in actuality, a guise to mask the madness sure to be felt after entering the Tower’s sinister world. Redsin is highlighted by TOETAG’s award-winning EFX, and with Jerami Cruise at it’s crimson-soaked helm, the gore effects are brutally realistic and disturbing. The spectacle of splatter and oceans of gore are not just powerful visualizations, Vogel also creates an experience through the deprivation of your senses forced by the darkness of the Tower.

The original DVD, has been out of print for seven years, and is now sought after by collectors and horror fans simply wanting to see the film. TOETAG has been talking about a special edition for years, and now are extremely proud to announce that, The Redsin Tower Possession Edition Multiple Disc DVD is now available for pre-order at www.toetag.biz. Everyone who pre-orders will receive a special gift from TOETAG as well as be entered into a drawing to win rare Redsin memorabilia, and screen used props.

For The Redsin Tower Possession Edition, the film has been stunningly remastered and color corrected. The Five Disc DVD set is loaded with special features and collector trappings including, a reversible cover, multiple commentary tracks, alternate and deleted scenes, featurettes, and a two-and-a-half hour documentary. Possessed: The Making of The Redsin Tower, hurls the viewer onto the set for an extremely rare look at the insanity behind the making of this horror classic. TOETAG and editor Justin Foust bring you back to a place of demonic madness and unbridled fear where butchery and carnage will once again reign in The Redsin Tower.

Pre-orders for The Redsin Tower Possession Edition Five Disc DVD Set will run through November and will ship no later than, December 20th 2014.


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“Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” campaign begins

“Double the gore, double the sex, double the balls…help BBK kill again in “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep

“Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” is written and directed by Ryan Nicholson who previously helmed the first Gutterballs“, creating the masked killer “BBK” and some of the most shockingly gruesome, seedily explicit sex and death scenes ever created.

With YOUR help contributing to our campaign, you will be unleashing BBK to kill again and and again and again.   With it’s double digit body count and original death scenes, “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep” promises to deliver the red stuff and plenty of skin!



For more information on this crowd funding campaign please go to:


Gutterballs (2008) Synopsis:
A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a black bowling-gloved masked killer. This alley runs red with blood by sunrise.

Slaughter in Syracuse 2014: A Retrospective

SLAUGHTER IN SYRACUSE @ The Palace Theater – May 31st, 2014
A retrospective by: Ryan Vincent Logsdon

I wake up on the morning of May 31st with a couple of months worth of dire anticipation making the last two nights worth of rest utterly impossible. The excitement goes beyond definable terms. Slaughter In Syracuse is happening today! The line up for this underground horror film festival boasts talent seldom seen at most popular televised award shows and it was being presented by Beneath The Underground & Vultra Video, both being respectable endeavors in their own right and the combination of the two liked-minded individuals was the primer that preceded the spark that rocked The Palace Theater into a bloody submission. Leaving in it’s wake a scene that was a little stronger and from friendships already attained to becoming families gained. It was a special time and place for those who were lucky enough attend, a time and place where you couldn’t turn around without seeing a friendly face that you actually wanted to see or needed to see because it made you feel at home. Home, surrounded by such amazingly creative artists. Home, surrounded but such genuine people. Home, surrounded by family. Home, our home.


The Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY held the honor of hosting this event and housing the powder keg of talent gathered together at the seemingly forgotten theater which, in it’s decades old profile, has screened some of the most cherished films of the last twenty-five years that may have never received any chance of a theatrical release; this being true of every single film on display during Slaughter In Syracuse’s epic schedule of showings and Q&As. The underground horror scene thrives off of the vibes given off by festivities like Slaughter In Syracuse and allowed the events to unfold not only before our eyes but into our collective hearts and spirits.

Slaughter In Syracuse’s opener was a first time viewing of the director’s cut of Marcus Koch’s cult slasher “100 Tears” and was introduced by co-hosts Nick DeCarlo of Beneath the Underground and Jason West of Vultra Video who welcomed the audience with smiles and open arms and called for the lights to be lowered and the cinematic chaos to commence. Marcus commented at one point during the evening that he had driven from Florida to get to the festival and seemed delighted at the questions being asked of him and his long out of print film. Artists, fans, various media reviews and curious-minded individuals huddle together in the blackness of the theater enjoying the violence, gore, humor and unforgettable sequences in the confrontational works on display. Screenings continue throughout the day and into the evening followed by lovingly in-depth conversations with the rabid fans and the artists themselves including the hallucinatory shorts of Jimmy Screamerclauz to the always entertaining Ruby LaRocca engaging her audience with her usual charm and style. Jason Koch’s subversive serial killer flick “7th Day” caused quite a stir among the extreme horror crowd and the Canadian special effects master Ryan Nicholson treated his audience to the US premier of “Collar” and his (now almost legendary due to legal issues) short “Good Wife” making it’s possibly only showing all the more special to the hardcore fans who ate up the carnage spewed upon on the big screen.

Matt Garrett’s poignant film “Morris County” dropped the viewers into a world that is devoid of typical cinematic horror but still managed to captivate the crowd with it’s shocking displays of humanity that continue to push the boundaries of what a horror film can and, maybe, should be. The juggernaut known as TOETAG headlined the evening and Fred and Shelby Vogel showed for the first time a color-corrected version of their masterpiece “The Redsin Tower”, a film that left the viewing audiences laughter and screams echoing throughout the theater, down it’s carpeted aisles and out into the air of the world of independent cinema and it’s makers. After the last Q&A with TOETAG the hosts say their thanks and make acknowledgments to the people behind the event before the lights are brought back up completely and the theater empties.


Goodbyes are made to some while others continue the informative and highly engaging conversations well into the night and not wanting this special moment of time to end which it does, of course, but not before plans are made, bonds of limitation being broken and the possibilities of future collaborations seeming to turn the spoken ‘goodbyes’ into ‘when we meet again.’ Smiles and hugs seem to greet the morning sun with a feeling that some kind of energy, be it brought by or created from us, had been guiding our paths towards that history-making underground horror festival and that energy was not fleeting; in a reason-less world there was a reason for Slaughter In Syracuse to happen. A home had been created for like-minded individuals to share the stage and the scene that surrounds that particular talent to emerge into a family for one amazing twenty-four hour period before crashing back into reality with our smiles a little wider, our convictions stronger and our hearts truly fuller.


Editors Note: Many thanks to Ryan Vincent Logsdon for this retrospective of Slaughter in Syracuse 2014. For those in attendance it was a fantastic event and something much need to bring together the innovators of the Independent Underground Horror scene and the fans of this genre of movie together as one family. The organizers of this event are discussing future plans for another SinS event to grow the family of the underground one fan at a time. Any future events will be posted in the Facebook group for Beneath The Underground: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeneathTheUnderground/

Celebrate Thanksgiving with IndieHorror.tv and Drector Ryan Nicholson

IndieHorror.tv will help you kick off your Thanksgiving festivities by offering the films of  acclaimed indie horror Director Ryan Nicholson .

THIS WEEKEND ON INDIEHORROR.TV  Give Thanks for Indie Horror by spending Thanksgiving Night with Ryan Nicholson!

Thursday Nov. 27th 2014
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