“Scratchy” Pete Ellott reviews ANDROGYNYM

“Scratchy” Pete Ellott reviews ANDROGYNYM, the forthcoming release from Beneath The Underground Films.

Androgynym IMDB Poster

“…Just fitting in can sometimes be deadly…”

2015 from Director Nicholas Zorro Iway and Producer John Lauterbach comes this heavy characterization horror drama that is both unique and thought provoking.

Privileged to have been able to review it prior to release, this one should be a popular one with viewers who like to go deep…outsiders who don’t quite fit into any niche…searching….

For your place.

Like many of us do.



Weapon of choice.

Hits home and it’s time up.

Revisiting on screen but nothing like reality.

As another naked female form provides all your necessary fascination…

Again and again…

In the flesh.

Hard man you are but…

“Times are changing – about now actually”…

And the mask must be dropped as you move on.

Because luck runs out as shells are emptied…

And cash infested pick-up lines prove…


Release becomes urgent…

And close at hand…

But not quite there…


Less of a man on a knife’s edge…

Resulting in change that cannot be denied.

A friend in the most unlikely of times and places.

Genuine. Interest.

Fitting in to where (perhaps) one truly belongs?

Able to show your true colours…

At last.

As animation hits the screen in clever contrast…

Playing out a familiar story…

Of alienation.

Of life and all its falsity.

Old foes resurface. Friends unite and assist as only true friends do.

Physical evidence of the past removed in grisly fashion.

Without mincing words.

Friendship pressure builds from outside sources.

“I’m gonna leave tonight – I’m not good for you – I’m not good for anybody.”

“Body” being the true irony in so many ways.

Hand forced.

Religious undertones of sin and society.

Paying the price for “freedom”…

As blood drips.

Like a son of a bitch.

Crushing all obstacles…

Hear them “crack.”

Before retreating again…

Into your shell…

As the story predicts…

Searching acceptance…

Anywhere you can.

1 hour 42 minutes in length this is a hefty entry and maybe a little too long in places for some yet the overall feel is far from compromised.

Well shot and with a beautiful soundtrack. This one does a lot of things right aided by a story (although wide and varied) that is well written and “relatable” to many – perhaps not quite to the extreme shown here though.

Clever use of animation which in itself was a great watch and tells a story within a story helping the viewer to gain further insight into what unfolds in clever symmetry.

Solid acting especially from our two leads, but really, it’s all very “spot” on – even down to fight scenes which are almost flawless. Gore that is both “extreme” in places yet never out of context and well executed.

Plenty of accolades here but don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be for everyone. The title alone gives clues as to where this one heads and personally speaking, I relished the insight, the non-conformity and the outcast elements it offered.

“Scratchy” Pete Ellott August 2015

More information regarding ANDROGYNYM can be found at: http://beneaththeunderground.com/androgynym/




Synopsis: When Stacy’s mom dies, Stacey puts her life and career on hold and returns to her childhood home to take care of her OCD agorophobic brother Ben who hasn’t been out of the house for 23 years only to find out the house they grew up in harbors a disturbing secret.

Directed by: Stephen Durham
Writing Credits: Mary Ann Barnes, Sheila Barnes, David Dittlinger, Stephen Durham
Stars: Debbie Sheridan, Jacob Hobbs, Amber Gallaway


Follow ABBEY GRACE on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/abbeygracemovie

American Guinea Pig: BLOODSHOCK to premiere at Housecore Horror Fest

The world premiere of American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock has been announced for the Housecore Horror Movie Festival in San Antonio Texas.


The notoriously brutal Japanese mock-snuff-film series that prompted an FBI investigation at the urging of Charlie Sheen is now downright thriving in the United States! Philip Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival kicked off the world premiere of the blistering American Guinea Pig Series debut last year, and they have since taken the U.S. by storm.

Housecore Horror Movie Festival is proud to host the world premiere of Unearthed FIlms sick new addition to this gruesome horror franchise: American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock

Controversial for it’s unapologetic showcasing of hideous atrocities and downright depraved acts of slaughter and violence, director Stephen Biro does not disappoint with round two.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HousecoreHorrorFilmFestival

On the Web: http://housecorehorrorfilmfestival.com/

Tickets on sale now at: https://theaztectheatre.frontgatetickets.com/




The  Story: A girl is forced to return to her hometown from London after her mother’s death and the break-up of her relationship. Taking a job as a night cleaner in a restaurant, she is troubled by the appearance of the ghost of a girl who disappeared years ago. A mystery unfolds around her, putting her in danger of meeting the same fate.

The Singing Bird Will Come’ is a psychological horror thriller centering on the emotional restlessness of the lead character played by Gillian Harker. Supported by a strong cast from around the UK, this is a compelling and unnerving debut from Writer-Director Iain Ross McNamee.

For fans of ghost horror films, ‘The Singing Bird Will Come’s’ disturbing emotional air and atmospheric setting will have you drawn into the story and sitting on the edge of your seat.


AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT: http://www.thesingingbirdwillcome.com/buy-dvd.html


The Fear Project (2016)


Synopsis: After their friend becomes the latest victim in a chain of throat slashing murders, two young men go to the scene of the crime to investigate. While there, they discover a room lined wall-to-wall with old television sets and a plethora of terrifying videos, each containing a piece of the puzzle. What they ultimately discover will change their lives forever.

THE  FEAR PROJECT will feature segments from such indie directors as Dion Cavallaro, Kenny Collins, Alex Deck, Owen Mulligan, Tobias Nilsson, and Paul Evans Thomas. Actors mentioned to be included are Dion Cavallaro, Jay Vos, Alex Deck, Cain Harrip, Brad Jones, Nathan Head, Joel Richardson, Paul Evans Thomas, Owen Mulligan, Michael Ian Sugrue, Tanner Weed, Caleb Bast, Alison Hell Katatonic, and Loyal Ploof.


The Fear Project is a Canadian/American/Australian/Swedish Found Footage horror anthology film in the vein of V/H/S. The film aims to take the idea started by the geniuses behind that film, and turn it on it’s head, presenting gripping psychological horror tales which have a strong contrast to the gory, often overtly violent tones of V/H/S.

Massacre Video presents ‘NUTBAG’

Massacre Video presents Director Nick Palumbo’sNutbag

Coming soon the COMPLETELY UNCUT version of the extremely controversial film ‘Nutbag’, the debut feature from director Nick Palumbo of ‘Murder-Set-Pieces‘ fame.


Synopsis: A serial killer stalks prostitutes on the mean streets of Las Vegas.

Director: Nick Palumbo
Writer: Nick Palumbo
Stars: Mack Hail, Renee Baio, Jenesses Kenney

TRAILER from Massacre Video:

FLAY teaser from Director Eric T Pham

FLAY (2015)
Synopsis: Recovering addict Patricia Crane inadvertently unleashes a centuries old curse and empowers Flay, a faceless killer who drags his victims to the netherworld, brutally flays them and traps their souls.


Starring: Elle LaMont, A. Michael Baldwin, Dalton Gray, Johnny Walter, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Peggy Schott, Violett Beane, Kaylee King, Noe de la Garza
Directed By: Eric T Pham
Screenplay By: Matthew Daley
Producers: Kris Pham, Eric Pham, Executive Producers: Jared Smith, Brett Harrison


The Noppera-bō (のっぺら坊 Noppera-bō?), or faceless ghost, is a Japanese legendary creature. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a mujina, an old Japanese word for a badger or raccoon dog. Although the mujina can assume the form of the other, noppera-bō are usually humans. Such creatures were thought to sometimes transform themselves into noppera-bō in order to frighten humans. Lafcadio Hearn used the animals’ name as the title of his story about faceless monsters, probably resulting in the misused terminology.

Noppera-bō are known primarily for frightening humans, but are usually otherwise harmless. They appear at first as ordinary human beings, sometimes impersonating someone familiar to the victim, before causing their features to disappear, leaving a blank, smooth sheet of skin where their face should be.

In Lakota Sioux mythology, Lya is a faceless and formless spirit monster of the the thunderstorm, hurricane and tornado who eats humans and animals to satisfy his endless appetite. He is the eye of the storm, and can offer protection to those caught in his wake.

FLAY on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlayMovie/

Mike Chester’s Directorial Debut “The Trick or Treaters”

Debut Director Mike Chester to release his dual found footage film The Trick or Treaters.


Director: Mike Chester
Writer: Mike Chester
Stars: Mike Chester, Veronica Scott

Synopsis: During a mellow pre-Halloween night of drinks, pranks and old horror films, Amy and Jake film a last minute schedule video for their school’s annual Halloween fundraiser, but they are quickly interrupted by a strange group of trick or treaters, also equipped with a video camera. Dismissing it as a prank by their friends, they ignore the strange interruption and continue with their night. As strange things continue to occur and escalate to an extreme level, the students quickly discover that they are dealing with dark individuals…and they don’t want candy.


ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Trick-or-Treaters/

C.C.E. to release VLF Laboratories ‘NO VASELINE’ DVD & Blu-Ray

Caps Collective Entertainment will release a reprint of VLF LaboratoriesNo Vaseline” with 15 minutes of extra unreleased material in DVD and Blu-Ray due out September 2015


EXTREMELY 18+ NSFW Trailer Below:

CAPS COLLECTIVE ENTERTAINMENT ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caps-Collective-Entertainment/

CAPS COLLECTIVE ON THE WEB: http://www.capscollectiveentertainment.com/

VLF Laboratories FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/videomalattie

Keith Voigt Jr releases REDNECK SUPERHEROS for free online

Director Keith Voigt Jr. (Arme/Lust) has released his 2010 film REDNECK SUPERHEROS online for free viewing.


SYNOPSIS: Meet Gumfy and Dicnar, they are the Redneck Superheros. They keep the mean streets of WINKERLANd safe, or so they thought. Two super villains come to ruin the towns peace. Will the Redneck Superheros be able to stop them?

Directors: Dylan Rhodes, Keith Voigt Jr.
Writer: Keith Voigt Jr.
Stars: Derek McCutcheon, Zach Hubbard, Dylan Rhodes

Keith Voigt on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaje.voigt?fref=ts

ARME/LUST for sale: http://toetag.biz/product/armelust-dvd/

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4764141/