“LUNG II” coming from Director Phil Stevens of “FLOWERS”


LUNG II is the fourth movie by Writer-Director Phil Stevens. Coming 2016.

Synopsis: An unknown trauma patient wanders into a desolate labyrinth that has consumed the world he once knew, now a wasteland of necrotic artifacts, mutant garbage, and the violent remnants of his former self.


Directed By: Phil Stevens
Written By: Phil Stevens
Website: http://ManomatulArt.com/

Phils Stevens is also the Director of FLOWERS: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4248930/

PURCHASE “FLOWERS” October 27th 2015 HERE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010CG2FC2/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

Per Patty Rhoades (WoodenHeart) of Extreme Horror CinemaExtreme Horror Cinema is presenting Lung II , we will get producer credits. Our name will be on the DVD in the credits, on posters, tee shirts. You are on a site that helped produce an underground film. I own this site.”


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MrRamone420 reviews James Bells TANTRUM

Tantrum (2015)
Director : James Bell
Cast: James Bell, Mae Bell
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXc0LOGXuNU
Site: http://veryfinecrapvideos.storenvy.com/


Synopsis: Between Earth & Hell, a man’s decision to commit suicide will allow him to watch his horrific past over & over again.

A film that gives tribute to movies such as Begotten, Combat Shock & Eraserhead will at times make you squirm in your seat. Highly recommend for those wanting to take a trip off the regular path.

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‘Lovesick’ & ‘The Deterioration Blues’ from Evan Makrogiannis & Christopher Bouchie

From indie underground horror Director Evan Makrogiannis & Christopher Bouchie of King of the Witches comes the crowdfunding campaigns for “LOVESICK” & “THE DETERIORATION BLUES: DYING ALONE IN NEW YORK



Synopsis: Lovesick is about an average guy, the girl of his dreams, the girl of his nightmares, his best friend, horrible hallucinations, powerful drugs and murder. A lot of murder.
Synopsis: Inspired by porn star home videos, a well known serial killer, and the grind house days of filmmaking.

As far as the cast goes, with Evan’s help, we’ve gathered some really great talent and I’m really happy with the people that we’ve got involved. Vito Trigo has been cast as Earl, the main character of the film. He was in both Return to Nuke’em High films, Mr. Bricks, Justin Morales’ Wrath of the Blood Angel, along with slew of other cool independent projects. Rachel Rose Gilmour has been cast as the leading lady, Molly. She’s been in a handful of horror films already. Matt D. from Horror Boobs will be playing Earl’s best friend and voice of reason, Victor. Sarah Schoofs will be playing Lydia, another important woman in Earl’s life. The film will also feature Nik Taneris as Nik Taneris, Edgar Moye as “the better man,” and a cameo by the one and only Baron Misuraca. Every character in the film is important, so it’s important for us to have a strong cast.” – Christopher Bouchie

“ANTITHESE” crowdfunding campaign


Directed By :Jonas Sommer & Thomas Binder



Plot : Writer Stephen travels with his wife Mia in the Austrian Alps in order to work there in peace on his new book on the subject of ” occult “. The main character of his book , a woman named Mia  his wife starts to behave weird and it quickly becomes clear : A demon has taken possession of Mia . Armed with his typewriter Stephen now faces a difficult decision : the demon grant his will and it might save his wife , or to try to outwit the demon and to prevent far-reaching consequences.


Crowdfunding is online now and here is what is being offered:

– Strictly limited leatherbook edition DVD
– Amaray DVD
– T-Shirt (artwork is not final)
– Supporter credits
– Associate & producer credits
– Stephen’s typewriter – THE prop from Antithese

Crowdfunding can be made by purchasing items in the SHOP at:  http://www.antithese.at/

On Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/antithesefilm

MrRamone420 reviews “PIECES OF TALENT” (2014)

MrRamone420 Reviews:


Pieces of Talent (2014)
Director: Joe Stauffer
Cast: Kristi Ray, David Long
Website: http://piecesoftalent.com/

Synopsis: Charlotte is an aspiring actress looking for her big break, and David is a wannabe filmmaker looking for a project. Will their chance encounter evolve into a beneficial collaboration? As Charlotte tries to pique David’s interest in casting her for his next project, she won’t believe what sort of film he’s in the process of making.

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“TANTRUM” review by JUKKO of HorrorUnderground.org

Tantrum (2015)
July 23, 2015 Jukko


Tantrum (2015)
Very Fine Crap Videos
Director: James Bell


I am a huge fan of James Bell and his films. I believe most fans of underground cinema are. His previous films, Dog Dick and Manuer, are films that push the envelope with little effort. Bell has a natural ease to his story telling and presents hard, challenging stories in a palatable narrative. His ability to challenge you and force you to look at something in a completely different light is one of those rare gifts that few are able to possess. Dog Dick is essentially a documentary (you can read my thoughts on it here) while Manuer is mostly a comedy and an homage to the legendary Street Trash (you can read my thoughts on Manuer here). Tantrum steps in a bold new direction as this is more of an avant-garde film than his previous work.

Beginning with a suicide, James throws copious amounts of gore and unleashes a nonlinear story. The first moments have a Cronenberg feel of body horror, a theme that is repeatedly used throughout the film, as the character pulls a fibrous chunk from his wrist. The scene concludes with a single shot to the head that sends our character on a trip through hell, one that hasn’t been this lavishly told since Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

To say there is no plot to Tantrum would be a disservice. The plot is very nonlinear but there is a loose structure to the film, one that is built upon repeated themes and imagery. Events in the film connect like a freshly spun spider web. The interpretation to this film will vary vastly, which may very well be the intention of the filmmaker. Mae Bell’s character(s) play an integral role in the plot and motivation of the film. Although there is virtually no dialogue in this film, Mae Bell’s performance is one of the best I have seen in a while. She leads a charge of violence, dread, and horror.

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Matt Freckingham Review – Androgynym 2015


Directed by: Nick Iway

Cela Cie Productions (2015)

Androgynym“, the name of this movie has been shared about Underground Indie Horror circles the past few weeks. I heard nothing but praise about this movie saying it was something totally outside of the box so was looking forward to finally viewing it.

Nick Iway writes, directs and stars in Androgynym as Nym. A mob heavy in the day, and asexual addict at night Nym tries to appease his hunger to climax, until 1 last job turns sour. In the beginning instances the movie plays out like “Crank“, full of good well played action scenes, but then changes course completely, which makes the movie stand out.

The film changes from a action thriller to twisted psychological horror packed with haunting self mutilation scenes that will make a grown man cry. Then, out of the blue it has scenes like your in a buddy movie as Nym befriends a pizza delivery guy named John (played by John Lauterbach). Nym and John bond over an animated short film John has been working on and as the movie progresses the bond between the two becomes apparent and deeper. Iway and Lauterbach act perfectly together from start till the perfect finale in my eyes which is paired with an atmospheric soundtrack.

Its quite hard to pinpoint what type of film you would class Androgynym as, it teases a lot of movies like “Blue Velvet” with its eerie soundtrack and themes echoing throughout the film. The friendship between Nym and John throws a curve ball into the film, and the horror which in some cases is quite graphic will have you thinking maybe it shouldn’t be in any category.

The animated movie itself clearly shows the feelings of Nym and mimics him throughout the movie and is fitting that it is played in-between the film. The message portrayed echoes how Nym is trying to fit into society as someone different that no-one can accept. Hopefully upon release this animated movie is included as a bonus feature in its entirety because with it the two films become one.

Androgynym on the whole is a beautiful movie that touches on many subjects. The film has thriller/horror scenes that will pull in any viewer. Well worth its running time indeed and you wont really hear me say that often.


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