Super Short Cinema Stock Up Review: It’s Alive Trilogy (1974-1987)

Super Short Cinema Stock Up Review: It’s Alive Trilogy (1974-1987)

Jun 29, 2018

One of Scream Factory’s most recent releases is a trilogy from the glory days of horror. The It’s Alive trilogy spans thirteen years (1974-1987), and marked legendary director Larry Cohen’s move from Blaxploitation to horror cinema.

These films center around the birth of mutant babies and their population spread throughout the country. The first film is more of a traditional horror film with scares and violence; while, the others become less violent adding more action-movie characteristics as they progress. As the babies begin to be removed from society and eventually quarantined on an island, the trilogy’s purpose as a vehicle for social commentary becomes even more apparent.

This is a nice set that doesn’t cram the films onto a single Blu-ray. Every disc has the movie and a set of special features. The transfers are clear and the sound quality is a definite upgrade from older editions. I was also a fan of the fact the price for these was totally right. At thirty bucks for three Scream Factory upgrades, any collector of horror would be happy to own this collection.

I was glad to see that the usual list of cons that can come from boutique labels, like inconsistent restorations or overpriced special features, weren’t apparent with these releases. At this price point, they probably would have cut out the highly collectible slipcovers if they were to release these movies individually; in this case however, they created a great looking box set for all your horror needs.

In the end, this is a highly collectible set from a top notch company. It has the scares and weird creature effects to please old school fans and genre rookies. It has been one of my favorite collection additions so far this year.