American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore (2014)

American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore (2014)

3 Disc Limited Edition

Unearthed Films

Director: Stephen Biro

10603613_403104709857034_4357032934864886530_nWhen discussing American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore it is virtually impossible to not mention the story of Charlie Sheen or Tsutomu Miyazaki and the original Guinea Pig series. I’ll spare you the details as most of you know these stories, if you do not, you can read about them here. Any way you slice it, controversy follows the series. As of right now, the FBI isn’t knocking on Stephen Biro’s door, although they now have good reason to. In Bouquet of Guts and Gore, Biro, along with special effects wizard Marcus Koch, the limits and boundaries of shock and horror have been elevated to a new level.

The film starts out with a mysterious person filming two women. When the women get in their car, a masked man gasses the two of them and drives off. We then cut to what looks like an abandoned warehouse where multiple masked men are filming our now chained up and drugged women, strapped to a table. From here, Biro unleashes an onslaught of depravity as these two women are eviscerated on camera.  Now before you go yelling “torture porn” at the top of your lungs, realize that there is a story to this.

While being loose and sparse, there is a running theme of film production and audience pleasing. The acts committed in this film are for the Producers, a set of mysterious men and women who are never shown, only mentioned, that appear to be funding and orchestrating this operation. The rare bits of dialogue spouted from the Director hint at social commentary and even a bit of humor, believe it or not. We also get a glimpse of deeper plot with one of the Directors in between Eigh8t the Chosen One’s unrelenting massacre, as if Eigh8t needed more ways to scare the piss out of you.


Being a bit of a gorehound, very little phases me. It has been a few years since I have had my hardened shell cracked. Not since A Serbian Film have I been disgusted to this level. These two women are dissected, skinned, amputated and all other manner of adjectives. AGP:BGG is a throwback to a simpler time when special effects were the main showcase in a splatter film. The gore is sickeningly effective and with the film being shot on VHS and Super 8, or at least given the effect of it, it looks like a genuine snuff film. This is for the serious fans of extreme horror only. The gore is insane and constant throughout leading up to the goriest finale I have seen since The Burning Moon. Then, after the climatic gore scene has ended, stick around, Biro wants to churn your stomach one last time.

The 3 Disc Limited Edition is the only version to purchase. The extras are packed with multiple commentary tracks, soundtrack, making of featurette and a look inside Marcus Koch’s Oddtopsy FX, and more. You can get a copy directly from Unearthed Films, Amazon, Kmart, Target…just about anywhere. Something tells me those retailers have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Any way you can, get a copy of this punching love letter to extreme cinema and await the follow up film in the American Guinea Pig series titled Bloodshock, directed by Marcus Koch.

Author: David J. Sharp

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