Arrow Video: New Releases and Festive Sale News

Arrow Video: New Releases and Festive Sale News

Dec 23, 2017

Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney starred in this crime drama directed by Mike Hodges back in the early seventies. It is a cool little…well…pulp-ish film. Mike Hodges is famous for similar films like the original Get Carter and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Despite those direct connections to Pulp, this director is also very well rounded, creating horror films like Black Rainbow and the Sci-fi classic Flash Gordon.

As far as Pulp goes, it is definitely a piece of genre film history. It is a cool British crime drama, but lacks in some areas. As a film fan, I like seeing a young Michael Caine. I like looking back and reading about the influence he had back in the day. Most people today, after all, really only know him from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

Arrow Video is releasing this film along with a few other obscurities. There is the modern mash-up Zoology along with the Blaxploitation/horror classic J.D.’s revenge. If I were looking into these three recent releases, and could only pick one…it wouldn’t be this one. If Pulp was more of a twisted Giallo-esque sleaze fest, I’d be all in. It is, however, a tame version of your standard noir. So, obviously, as a horror fan, I’m going to choose JD first, before moving onto this one, and eventually seeing Zoology.

With all of that being said, Arrow Video is in the middle of their Festive sale. This means that I’m moving towards their 50-70 percent off releases from the previous two years before I even think about new releases. It is a great opportunity for this collector to upgrade my old Anchor Bay DVD’s to Blu-ray. It also gives me a chance to fill the holes in my collection and pick up some of the limited edition box sets whose prices have held me back over the course of the year.