Jun 3, 2015

Directors: Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie Whiles
Stars: Cristie Whiles, Fred Vogel, Michael Todd Schneider

When it comes to disturbing films, I have seen plenty. Deviant sexual behavior is what really bothers me. This is why Slow Torture Puke Chamber is something I will probably never watch again. The Nekromantikfilms, which I reviewed last week, always push my limits in this area; but, I do return to them once in a while. Violence and gore is my preferable form of disturbance and Mordum has an amazing amount of it. It is also so realistic that you will begin to question what it is you are actually watching. I have great respect for the effects in all of the August Underground films, but especially this one. This movie goes above and beyond the original film in its levels of violence, realism, gore, and social commentary. It is a film that deserves at least one viewing from any fan of horror filmmaking.

This film does not hold back from the very start. It opens with a scene that involves a girl having sex with her brother. This girl is our main character’s girlfriend. While all three films deal mostly with the male lead, this second film slowly brings in other characters and answers some questions from the first film. For instance, I kept asking myself who was holding the camera throughout the first film. It turns out to be the insanely disturbed brother. In Mordum, we also learn that the brother and girlfriend, caught in an incestuous relationship, are the other killers. I actually really like their reveal in this film. Of course, the way they were revealed is also something you will remember for a very long time.

As the film progresses, you are still shown scenes of the killers in their “normal” lives. This is still a narrative format I appreciate, and I’m glad it did not change from the first film. Once again, this format gives the viewer the opportunity to see the serial killer from a unique perspective. I love the fact that it gives you a sense of realism that still isn’t present in most found footage films.

Without sounding too repetitive, because this film is really just a continuation of the first, I am going to say that the main reason to watch this movie is the gore effects. While I thought the tagline of the first film was over-hyped, I think it is highly accurate in regards to this film. This is one of the sickest films ever made. They not only take the plot to another extreme, they take every ounce of torture one step too far. From making someone cut off their own penis with tiny scissors, to having sex with a hole torn in their victim’s stomach, this film will make even the strongest stomachs a bit squeamish. The most disturbing scene to me, once again, deals with that degenerate sexual behavior that I talked about earlier. It is the final scene and it will make you sick. Vogel takes the insanity of the first film to the next level with this one. This is a great scene for some and merely exploitative schlock for others. So whether the action in the scenes disgust you or not, you will have a great respect for the realistic gore throughout the film. I can honestly say, that this film has the most realistic death, torture, and gore effects I have ever seen. This, of course, is the major reason it is near the top of just about everyone’s list of most disturbing films ever.

As I rate this film, just like the first one, I am doing it based on what different viewers are looking for. If you are viewing this film because you want to witness the disturbing, it will get a 10/10. If you are a gore hound, it gets a 10/10, as easily the most realistic film of this type you will see. I gave the first film a 6/10 overall; so, I will give this one a 7/10. A seven is a movie I would recommend to most people. For the common viewer, this isn’t terrible to see once. If anything, you can see it just to say you saw it. If you love being grossed out or you are a collector, I definitely think you should find a legit copy of this film, because you may return to it more than once.