Film Review: BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAWN [Box Set} (2017)

Film Review: BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAWN [Box Set} (2017)

Oct 31, 2017

Between Night and Dawn is a set of films from Arrow Video that brings together some of the lesser known works of George Romero. It is a really cool idea, and a great way to honor the works of a recently deceased horror icon. In a way, however, it is still kind of a let down.

Trust me when I say, that this is a very cool collectible item. As a huge fan of Romero and horror history, it is something that I will probably add to the collection some day. This, of course, depends on how high the price stays. It also depends on whether or not I can find a gently used copy down the road. You see, Arrow Video has some of the best box sets out there. I love their dedication to compilations and restorations. I just don’t love the films in this set as much I wanted to love them.

The Crazies is the headliner in this set. It is really cool film, that is as violent as it is action packed. It is a film that I have always enjoyed, but never owned on Blu-ray. It is a fairly common film that most people know about outside of Romero’s zombie films. This, of course, is probably why it becomes the selling point in the set. Season of the Witch was my second favorite film in the set. It is strangely psychotic and surprisingly well made. I was really surprised by my love for this film, which will be great for fans of the sexualized satanic films of the seventies. There’s Always Vanilla is pretty much non-horror boredom for myself as a collector. It is cool from the standpoint of something like Knightriders, where the viewer gets to see that Romero could do more than make a zombie film. Sadly enough, that’s what most people really want from him when all is said and done.

In the end, I think this set really could have been helped out by switching vanilla with Martin. Martin is a “modernized” (1978) vampire film that has a huge cult following. I’m sure there are licensing issues and probably cost issues that prohibited this film making it into the set. I just think that the price they are asking for this set right out of the gate warrants the need for a much better third film. Even collectors in the Facebook groups were echoing this sentiment before the set was even released. Many of these serioius collectors already have one or two of these films anyway. So I see the frustration. I feel it. This is why I’ll be waiting around to get this set used for two-thirds of the high starting price.