Film Review: BREEDERS (1986)

Film Review: BREEDERS (1986)

Sep 16, 2018

IMDb: Breeders (1986)
Director: Tim Kincaid
Stars: Teresa Farley, Lance Lewman, Frances Raines

Hey, do you remember Breeders? Well I didn’t either, until I found it in a two-dollar bin at a local comic book and toy show. After recently watching the film, I do vaguely remember it coming out. I’m sure I walked past it a million times at my local video store. There were even scenes that I recognized, so I may have seen it back in the day. Either way, this is a film that I would have added to the collection for a lot more than two dollars. This is an amazing film, often for the wrong reasons, that I will surely return to frequently.


So while I may have seen parts of it back in the day, I probably did not have the appreciation for eighties era horror trash that I do today. Tim Kincaid, who pretty much just went on to do a bunch of porn under the name Joe Gage, directed this film. So while I’m in no hurry to check out Tough Guys Getting Off, I may try to give his sci-fi/horror stuff a try. Films like Robot Holocaust and Mutant Hunt will be right up my alley if they are anything like Breeders. As a collector, I may even try to find at least one of these films on VHS. Already judging from the gore effects in Breeders, I think it would be an excellent addition to a VHS collection. You see, there are just some films that don’t need the higher definition upgrades. The more “upgraded” films I watch, the fact becomes more noticeable that the higher definition usually equals less convincing gore effects. For instance, my review of the Arrow Video release of Bride of Re-Animator explains how the Blu release cheapened the effectiveness of those classic gore gags.

As far as this movie goes, it may be one of my favorite hidden gems of the eighties. This film seemed to be a precursor to the Species franchise, except it turned the tables on the women. It took place in a city held hostage for fear of a serial rapist roaming the streets. After extensive research, however, it is discovered that the women who have been attacked have actually been impregnated by aliens. Once under the alien control, the women lead us through a goofy mystery with action sequences that only the eighties could provide.

What makes this film a hidden gem, however, is the fact that it is not stereotypical eighties cheese. The gratuitous nudity and politically incorrect speech is fun, but not the focus of the film. The best part about this film is the special effects work by Ed French. The gore effects in this film are a bloody masterpiece.

I absolutely love what he did while transforming and dismembering the bodies of his actors. His bubbly gore effects oozed off the screen in a manner in which I feel like no horror fan will ever forget. So while I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting about this film, I had an amazing time rediscovering it and strongly recommend it to all horror fans.