Coming to New Jersey in 2016 will be the first annual Beneath The Underground Independent Underground Horror Film Festival.

Hot on the heels of Slaughter in Syracuse 2015 the first announcement for BTU Fest has been made to follow in the tradition of Indie Horror, a family like atmosphere, and a commitment to give fans something innovative in a festival atmosphere.

We can make our 1st announcement for the Beneath The Underground Independent Underground Horror Film Festival 2016:

James & Mae Bell will be presenting the short form film “TANTRUM“.


The film will be played silent with the accompanying music being performed live by  the band SLINGS which consists of Dan DeTitta, Bob Beischer, and Ryan Trimmer.


On stage while the band plays along to the film Cover Artist Jimmy Squarejaw will be provided a canvas to create a piece of art inspired by the events surrounding him.

Stay tuned as announcements for this event will creep out very very slowly.

For up to the minute information please join the Facebook Group:



Author: Nick DeCarlo

Fan, Critic, Distributor, IT Professional, loving Father/Husband (and miserably failed former hardcore musician) Nick DeCarlo is the Founder of Beneath The Underground and BTU Films. Nick has been a horror fan since his first theatrical viewing experience of Motel Hell (1980).

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