Celluloid Returns At This Year’s Steel City Underground Film Film Festival

Celluloid Returns At This Year’s Steel City Underground Film Film Festival

Apr 13, 2018

The Steel City, a synonym for the city Linz in Austria, Europe, brings filmmakers a very special opportunity this September. A two day film festival, named the Steel City Underground Film Fest, a celebration of all things horror, weird, messed up or vintage, screening films from all around the world, focusing on not only bringing international short and feature films to a European audience, but doing so in a way that no other film festival has ever done before: By screening all of the selected works on 16mm prints, of which one will be made for each film screening at the fest.

Hosted by Flesh of the Void director James Quinn, the event will present two days of horror, arthouse and experimental short and feature films, all screened in one of the oldest and most infamous underground venues the city has to offer, a punk rock venue and underground cinema, a place that hosted one of the earliest Nirvana concerts back in the day. During the even, all films will be screened on a format a lot of filmmakers never get to screen on: Film.

Besides the selected films, there will also be special screenings of original prints of old classics such as Nosferatu (1922, with live music), A Trip to the Moon (1902), and Todd Browning’s Freaks (1932).

Additionally to the screenings, there will be live concerts after, and a bar for attendees to get to know each other.

The festival is entirely non-profit, and all the proceeds made through the submission fees will be used to fund the production of the 16mm prints of the short films.

The festival is also handing out three awards: Best Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Experimental/Arthouse, and Best Weird/Extreme Film. Instead of statuettes or certificates, the winners get a high resolution file of a scan of the 16mm print of their own film, done professionally by a lab in Vienna.

People interested in submitting or wanting to find out more about the festival can do so via FilmFreeway here: https://filmfreeway.com/SteelCityUndergroundFilmFestival

Website: www.sodomchimera.com/steel-city-underground-film-festival

Contact: productions@sodomchimera.com