Coming this June from Troma Entertainment: Rose and Viktor – No Mercy

Rose and Viktor – No Mercy

1 Blu-ray disc
Label: Troma Entertainment
Street Date: 6/12/18
Color, 111 minutes in English
Widescreen 1.78:1
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Production year: 2016
Director: Moses
Cast: Mercedes The Muse, Jim Schumacher, guest appearance by Bob Wright

After the breakup of his band, the world’s greatest bassist becomes a drifting gun-for-hire. They call him VIKTOR (played by real life bassist Jim Schumacher). As fate conspires, he crosses paths with a teenage runaway with a split personality, one part lost kitty, one part Adolph Hitler. Her name is ROSE (played by fetish model MERCEDES THE MUSE). Viktor takes her under his wing, and together they form a twisted duo of justice. The film is an anthology of short adventures, chronicling the missions of these drug fueled bounty hunters.

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes
Deleted Scenes
“When Rose Met Viktor” Featurette
And More Tromatic Extras!


Author: Nick DeCarlo

Fan, Critic, Distributor, IT Professional, loving Father/Husband (and miserably failed former hardcore musician) Nick DeCarlo is the Founder of Beneath The Underground and BTU Films. Nick has been a horror fan since his first theatrical viewing experience of Motel Hell (1980).

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