Cult Epics Double Film Review: Mondo Weirdo & Vampiros Sexos (2017)

Cult Epics Double Film Review: Mondo Weirdo & Vampiros Sexos (2017)

Nov 4, 2017

A fairly recent release from Cult Epics has been evading my grasp for quite awhile. Like many of their releases, they can be real expensive for quite a long time. They can also be stupid. Yeah, I said it. There’s another label out there too, that just can’t chill with the seventies porn. I just don’t know who is buying this stuff, especially at the release prices.

On a much more positive note, this company has released one of my favorite box sets of all time. Their dedication to the work of Jorg Buttgereit blew my mind when I got the Sex, Murder, Art set. They’ve also put out some really cool obscurities, one of my favorites being Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. So I can’t hate on them when they fall into my genres. In fact, I love this company when it works its way into my genres.

I can go ahead and keep that same sentiment going with this release of the “Underground” works of Carl Andersen. In case you didn’t know, he was an Austrian filmmaker that set the stage for your Vomit Gores and August Undergrounds years ago. His stuff was shot on film, giving it a dirty underground vibe that you just can’t find anymore. In fact, I was a little worried that the Blu-ray restoration may ruin that aesthetic for me; however, it didn’t. All this restoration does is enhance the music, while keeping all of the dingy darkness in its grainy glory.

While the films Vampiros Sexos and Mondo Weirdo aka A Trip to Paranoia Paradise do border on porn, there is a dark art-house vibe that you can’t get in many other places. It definitely seems to have lain some of the groundwork for something like Party Levitation or the work of Marco Malattia. There is ambient noise and blaring house music. The scenes will take many people back to the days of goth culture and underground club scenes. Within the two films, there is also the streak of Satanism and Vampirism that is so real that it cannot be unseen. I’m really glad I finally got around to getting this set of films. The fans of only the most brutal underground horror should check it out right now.