CULTS! WAR! GORE! SATAN! – INVERTED featuring Lynn Lowry

CULTS! WAR! GORE! SATAN! – INVERTED featuring Lynn Lowry

Apr 25, 2018

The Deranged Minds behind the recently released controversial film “Red Eye” is preparing to make you uncomfortable again with their second feature length film “INVERTED” which is currently seeking funding through IndieGoGo. Producers promise a film that is unlike any other film you may have seen in the past. It goes places many films shy away from and it stays there without coming back for air. In their NEW promotional teaser, you get a deeper look into the film and what you can expect from Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff’s new feature.

Set in the 70’s, a centuries-old cult known as the “Inverts” take four sin bearing individuals against their will to recruit for the holy war against the second coming of Christ. From a homosexual hippie, prostitute druggie, man in drag, and a pedofilic priest…they’re all deemed to be choice victims to invert through initiations that push past the most brutal boundaries.

Lynn Lowry, Destinie Orndoff, Tommie Vegas, Trevor Dow, Jennifer Nangle, David McMahon, and Maria Olsen

INVERTED teaser:

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