Film Review: Dead or Alive Trilogy (1999-2002)

At this point, Arrow Video and their commitment to the lesser known works of Takashi Miike have been mentioned on this site numerous times. They have done nice restorations of some of his strangest works, like Happiness of the Katakuris. They have revitalized some of his smaller and dingier pieces of work like the Black Society Trilogy. While he is known for stylized horror in films like Audition, and splatter-iffic films like Ichi-The Killer, it is the all but unknown titles (at least here in the states) that are really beginning to pique my interest.

Takashi Miike is a director with over one hundred directorial credits, so there is plenty that you probably haven’t seen. I know there are experts out there who are ¬†ready to tell me that everyone has seen the Dead or Alive films. They are just looking for positive reinforcement, so I will go ahead and let them enjoy themselves. For everyone else, I will tell you that this is a director that deserves more of your attention, whether you’re a self proclaimed expert or total rookie.

He is easily one of the greatest living filmmakers. So you need to find his stuff. There are some franchise-type films that you can find very easily priced. Things like the MPD (Multiple Personality Detective) and One Missed Call films will surely be enjoyable for the more horror-centric fans. Black Society and Dead or Alive, however, will have a great appeal to many other collectors. I highly recommend this thirty dollar set to fans of action and exploitation, as well as splatter and sleaze They are cool movies that have tons of degenerate behaviors that lead to violence and insane situations. They take place between 1999 and 2002, so many of these fans will get their fill of nostalgia with the look and sound of the films as well. Just check out the trailer below. I have raved about this guys works many times, and I will only add one very important piece of praise to this review. The price is so right, you can’t go wrong. You will never be able to find Arrow Video titles for ten bucks each, but they are doing it with these Miike sets. So everyone needs to get this set. Ok I’m done, you can take your happy ass over to Amazon now.

Author: Steven Paul

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