Dead Vision Productions presents A BUTCHER’S LAMENT

Dead Vision Productions presents A BUTCHER’S LAMENT

Oct 25, 2018

New York based Multi-media horror company Dead Vision Productions presents the below Halloween Short Form Film A BUTCHER’S LAMENT. Submissions of scripts/pilots/comic books/ can be sent to Dead Vision Productions at

The company is in works with their first full length feature film.

Per the company:
Dead Vision Productions first annual Halloween short is here! Give it a watch friends, I hope you are appropriately spooked and entertained! Want to give a quick and wholehearted thank you to EVERYONE who has supporting us thus far. And to all who helped on this specific project we couldn’t have done it without you. This is the first of many exciting plans for our company, we have mapped out many more shorts/podcast episodes/full length films/plays planned in the next few months so keep a look out and enjoy this journey we are on friends ❤️ a very happy Happy Halloween from Dead Vision and be sure to throw us a like and a share if you enjoyed our first short!

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