Digging Deep with Actor, Evan Stone

Digging Deep with Actor, Evan Stone

Jan 9, 2017


If you’ve ever seen a porno, and there’s a good chance you have, there’s even a better chance that you’ve seen Evan Stone. He’s also been nominated for 60 awards and have won 21 including Hall of Fame. He’s credited on IMDb for working on 1,214 films, but that’s actually a low number. He’s ubiquitous as Ron Jeremy and much like Ron, he’s doing quite a bit of mainstream cinema as well. In fact, I interviewed Sean Donohue recently who produced FRANKLIN: A SYMPHONY OF PAIN (2015) and directed DEATH-SCORT SERVICE (2015), two films featuring Evan Stone, so I jumped at the opportunity to interview Evan as well.



Evan Stone on the Evolution of his Career:


It never really occurred to me that I would be interested in acting until in high school when we were working on the play, DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (1959), and we had a student teacher come in from the local university because our teacher was out sick. She told me I should act in plays at the university because I was THAT good.


I went home and thought about it, and later ended up auditioning for the stage version of MAN OF LA MANCHA (1972). I nailed it. I played Sancho and my mom drove me out to the university in the evenings after school. Then we did JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (1973) on stage and I thought “Wow… these are the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life!” They just treated me as equal. I was hoping to meet some of them again someday, and when I got on the porn channels, sure enough I did.


I got my first job in porn through my friend and co-worker, KC. He was part of my dance troupe back when I was stripping. He got fat and the other guys wanted me to fire him. I just couldn’t do that, so I made him the emcee. He hyped the crowd, we made a lot more money, and it all really worked well. Eventually he moved on and we lost touch, but then five years later he called me up and said “Hey man, do you want to be in a porno?” I was only supposed to have a small part, but two of the guys didn’t show up. My part got much larger and right off the bat I was doing high end production movies.




Evan Stone the Thespian:


Mainstream film is great, but you don’t get laid, so let’s just throw that out there first. Porn has less people on set and everyone has at least five jobs, but it tends to take less time to do it our way. Now sure we make some compromises as far as shots along the way, but mainstream seems like it really moves slower. Also with mainstream I always have to be extra conscious about what I say and do, and make sure it’s appropriate while on set. That PC awareness means it takes a bit more energy for me to do mainstream than it does for porn.


As far as the acting level, when I’m doing mainstream I’ll want to watch all of the shots because I want to come in with the same acting level as the rest of the cast. If you come off at the wrong level it just doesn’t work. I’ll either need to adjust and act down or give it my all. Usually I’m coached on the expectations of what they want from me. I will act toward what the situation calls for.


When it comes to acting, I have to believe it, and the key is to believing it all through the set. In the context of sex you still need to be able to perform as that character and have great sex as well. A lot of actors will start to have sex and then forget about the character they are portraying. They need to have sex the way that character would. Plus when you’re having sex on camera you have to pay attention to the angles and be effective in that respect.




Evan Stone on Directing:


I’m good at managing people, but it’s not where my passion is. While it’s a fun experience, I get really anal with the film and I want to do a lot of technical shots. There are also a lot of time restraints, so I have to be practical. The girls love me, but the guys hate me when I direct. I push them hard because I know their limits. I actually directed a film a few years back, but it’s been tied up in court with legal issues. It should be released sometime this year. It’s a lot of work, but I did it because there was a vision I wanted to see.





Evan Stone on his Music:


I’m a musician here in LA and I’ve got nine recording studios. My music is my true passion. Most of the studios are for specific types of recording. There’s a big control room, which has keyboards, a seating area and a mix board, and then the rest mostly are vocals rooms. Each room is acoustically different, and dramatically so. I take advantage of the sounds that each of the rooms offers. They have insulated double-walls with sand in the middle so sound is not getting in or out.


I read both bass and treble clef and write music as well. In fact, I created the soundtrack for my film, BROWN EYED BLONDES. When they edited the film, I changed the music to match the edit. It’s a lot of work, and it can be something that you’re never fully satisfied with. You just want to keep messing with the piece until they’re like “Listen, we’ve go to have it.” With any other job, once you’re done; you’re done. This can be very all-consuming.


I’m in a band called ‘Gang Bang’ because we’re a bunch of porno guys. We’ve played The Key Club, The Roxy and just about everything in town. We’ve played Vegas. My band was playing one day and Fred Olen Ray walked in to check out shooting locations for a film. I talked to him and found out he was a musician too. Fred liked me so much he put me in most of his films up until he retired.





Evan Stone on Killing Ron Jeremy:


This thing has just gotten bigger and bigger, but KILLING RON JEREMY started as a joke. While I was sitting in production I said “I’ll always be #2 unless I kill off Ron Jeremy.” He said “We really should make a movie about that!” We had some crowd funding then there was a private investor group of surgeons that loved the idea.


The premise is the government controls the industry and this will be the last porno movie. Meanwhile Ron is off winning a Nobel Peace Prize and then he steals my wife. My plan is that I will kill him in this last porno and it will look like an on-set accident. So I spend the whole film devising plans and attempting to kill him. I get all the way to the end… and there’s a CLIMAX!


Ron’s a good friend. He’s the king of porn. I’ve been with him all around the world and really famous people will drop everything and run to get pictures with him. He’s an icon. He’s the coolest guy and he’s a total dick, and he really doesn’t care. He’s just trying to get laid. That’s his thing. He just wants to get laid.



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