Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 1 of 5 (#51-#75)

Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 1 of 5 (#51-#75)

Apr 9, 2018

Thanks to the Letterboxd app, I am becoming obsessed with making lists. I know I’m late to that show, because all anyone has ever wanted to read on the internet for the last ten years has been list posts. Anyway, for my first website related list, I decided to rate and rank of all the films that have been released by Unearthed Films thus far.

Since Letterboxd uses a 1-5 star scale, with 1/2 numbers as an option, I started with ratings. I gave one 5 star rating and one .5 star rating to essentially identify the films that I will re-watch the most and least. The rest of the breakdown follows with: 3 films receiving 4 1/2 stars, 15 receiving 4, 15 receiving 3.5, 15 receiving 3, 10 receiving 2.5, 13 receiving 2, 1 receiving 1.5, and 1 receiving 1.

5 stars-1

4.5 stars-3

4 stars-15

3.5 stars-15

3 stars-15

2.5 stars-10

2 stars-13

1.5 stars-1

1 star-1

.5 stars-1

As I have said in my many reviews of Unearthed Films, they are consistently solid. With about two-thirds of their films receiving solid 3 star (and higher) ratings, you can definitely be confident in the company as a whole. You also have to understand that the list is essentially being rated against other films in the same list. This means, I’m looking at the catalog in regard to my own personal level of re-watch-ability. With that being said, there have to be losers in every list. Many readers will find some pretty solid releases in the 2-2.5 star range based on their own personal preferences. Some will even think my one star ratings are crazy. So this will give you guys something to argue about for the next few days anyway.


The bottom of my list, which is at the top of this post, is made up primarily of the Red Room and Harakiri: Boobs and Blood box set release. These films fell between .5 and 2 star ratings They are my least favorite releases, mixing sex and gore in boring and repetitive ways. I have mentioned the other films in this portion of the list as let-downs in the past, making them films that I won’t be re-watching anytime soon. Slow Torture Puke Chamber, Boy meets Girl, Lethal Force, and Carmilla, just to mention a few, were also hurt by things like budget and repetitiveness of plot.

Numbers fifty through sixty made up the majority of the 2.5 star ratings. They are primarily older releases hurt by budget and lack of experience on the part of younger filmmakers. A couple of my least favorites from the original Guinea Pig Series are in there, while my favorites from the series ended up ranking very high overall. The rest of the films just didn’t pack the punch that I expected. Films like Brainjacked, American Fetish, and Two Front Teeth, for instance, just couldn’t do enough to bring me back for multiple viewings.

With all of this being said, of course, I do own every film from this company and this list. This bottom third is made up of short pieces of box sets, supplementary films (The Making of Guinea Pig), and weaker early efforts from filmmakers who lacked the proper resources. Surely, as this series of list posts progresses throughout the week, the evolution of the filmmakers and the label, as a whole, will build to epic proportions. So check back tomorrow for numbers fifty up through thirty-five.