Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 2 of 5 (#36-#50)

Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 2 of 5 (#36-#50)

Apr 10, 2018

Numbers thirty-six through fifty make up most of the three star reviews. Number thirty-five actually received three stars, with thirty-four starting off the series of 3.5 star reviews. Number thirty-seven also marks the middle of road, being the halfway point between one and seventy-five. So this is the part of the list where we abandon all fear of cliches, and break on through to the other side.

Philosophy of a Knife and Android of Notre Dame marked the boundary between the top and bottom halves of the overall list. Although I did the star ratings first, I still had to put them in order within those score brackets. This gave me the opportunity to break my three stars into which ones I would watch before the other, if given the choice. In a list with constantly growing competitiveness and quality, this was the best way eventually rank the films based on re-watch-ability preference. The only real issue in this portion is the placement of Song of Solomon, which I saw as a very rough cut over a year ago. I really won’t know where to put it until I see the completed version. I have also seen the fourth installment, Sacrifice, but have to leave it off of the list until more news surround its released is revealed.

This portion of the list is pretty solid. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, Evil Dead Trap 2, and Flexing with Monty take their places in this bracket for just being too weird to ignore. Black Metal Veins, My Demon Within, and Revenge is Her Middle Name have enough gore and disturbing content to keep most extreme cinema fans pretty happy. The animated films of Sudol also place higher on this list for me because they were some of the first horror cartoons I saw. I love the violence and comedy in those films, making them hidden gems for this viewer.

Three Tears…, Hunting Creatures, This Hollow Sacrament, and Footsteps are cool films that stand out as early inventive works from up-and-coming talent. Overall, this was one of the tougher scoring brackets to fill. It had many films of similar quality, separated only by genre and personal preference.