Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 4 of 5 (#11-#20)

Every Unearthed Films Release, Ranked and Rated: Part 4 of 5 (#11-#20)

Apr 12, 2018

The top twenty releases from Unearthed Films are truly must-own films for the collector of independent, underground, and extreme horror. Many of these are modern releases, showing the growing quality of the label with multi-disc releases and wild special editions. There are still some classics in the top twenty though. Some are going to be tough to find, making some of these older releases excellent collector pieces.

The newest release on this list is Dreaming Purple Neon. It is a contemporary sleaze-fest, filled with amazing DIY gore. If you are into that sort of thing, I highly recommend the Faim de Mort Trilogy and Das Komabrutale Duell. Those films will especially satiate the need for splatter, whether it be fans of the classic German variety or more modern variety similar to the work of James Bell and Phil Stevens. 

If those three aren’t enough for you, fans of the most extreme cinema will love Aftermath/Genesis, Madness of Many, and Lilith’s Hell. Nacho Cerda and Kasper Juhl are two of the best kept secrets in the world when it comes to extreme horror. Lilith’s Hell gained notoriety because of Deodato’s attachment; however, the film can definitely stand on its own without any namedropping whatsoever.

Francesca is probably my favorite homage film to date…from any company. It is an amazing looking and sounding film, that will take you back to the days of classic Italian horror. It also received one of the best releases when it comes to extra discs and special features.

The last three films on this section of the ratings bracket all fall into the category of somewhat experimental works. Where the Dead Go to Die is an amazing animated horror film. It is full of gore, psychedelic effects, depraved sexuality, and awesome music. Mecanix is a film that blurs the line between animation and reality. It looks like something David Lynch and David Cronenberg would have come up with if their brains had a baby brain with a really disturbing view of the world. Morris County is an anthology of sorts that takes a disturbingly realistic vision of modern, yet somehow Gothic, times to the next level of the grotesque.

So there you have it. This is the breakdown of the four star ratings, placed in order of which ones I have or will re-watch most often. It is an absolutely insane list of ten of the most memorable horror films you will ever see. So get out there and check them out if you haven’t already done so.