EX VOTO: Witchy Wrath Inspired By A Compelling Cause

EX VOTO: Witchy Wrath Inspired By A Compelling Cause

Jul 9, 2018

“On average, seven women a day in Mexico die as the result of ‘feminicido’ (femicide)…”


Producer MAYA KORN



Inspired by the current climate of misogyny encouraged by the current administration, producers DIANA MATA and MAYA KORN wanted to make a protest film of sorts, in response to it. The result will be EX VOTO.  Directed by ASHLEY MONIQUE GEORGE, from a script by ALFONSO DIAZ RICKARDS, the upcoming film is described as “a cerebral female revenge film set in working class Mexico City, and centered on 17-year old Mexicana Nayeli, (RUTH RAMOS), and how she finds retribution through her untapped female power and local witch culture.”

The producers are working in association with Mexican-based production company ENFANT & POULET, and have also partnered with Casa de la Familia, a non-profit organization that aids female victims of trauma and abuse. Initially established in 1996 for victims of crimes such as human trafficking, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, child sexual, and physical abuse, CDLF’s mission has expanded to providing counselling and support to individuals and families who have been impacted and affected by various types of trauma. We also focus on educational outreach to bring awareness to domestic violence and other forms of abuse to educate the population and with an intention to prevent trauma from continuing to perpetrate our communities. With a clinical staff of over 40 therapists, Casa de la Familia provides mental health services to Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, with an emphasis on services for the marginalized population of California.  A Kickstarter campaign is underway to help raise funds for the production, and proceeds from the film that come from festival wins, etc., will go to CDLF.  The campaign runs thru July 17th.