Film Preview from Domiziano Christopharo: Phobia (2017)

Film Preview from Domiziano Christopharo: Phobia (2017)

Aug 3, 2017

Vestra Pictures by Tony Newton (producer of films like: Grindsploitation, Virus of the dead) and The Enchanted Architect by Domiziano Cristopharo (producer of: Red Krokodil, Sacrifice) present PHOBIA t he new collective movie that features 14
international directors developing an unusual theme: phobias.

Do you know exist Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia (fear of long words) or Geniofobia (fear of the… chin?)? Exists thousand of fears and phobia that in some case become clinic patology.

This film delves into the horrors of phobias in each segment about one phobia and the bloody twist of it.

Featured directors:

Michael J. Epstein (USA) – Somniphobia – Fear of sleep

Domiziano Cristopharo (ITALY) – Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking

Poison Rouge (ITALY) – Misophobia – Fear of Bacteria

Chris Milewski (USA) – Pharmacophobia – Fear of taking medicine

Sam Mason Bell (ENGLAND) – Oneirophobia – Fear of dreams

Alessandro Giordani (ITALY) – Astrophobia – Fear of stars or celestial space

Jason Impey (UK) – Achluophobia – fear of darkness

Alessandro Redaelli (ITALY) -Parthenophobia – Fear of virgins or young girls

Sunny King (NIGERIA) – Nychtohobia – Fear of night

Rob Ulitski (UK) – Gerascophobia – Fear of growing old

Lorenzo Zanonin&Alessandro Sisti (Italy) – Caetophobia – Fear of hairs

Davide Pesca (Italy) – Hemophobia – Fear of blood

Jackson Batchelor (UK) – Politicophobia – Fear of Politics

Dustin Ferguson (USA) – Mazeophobia – Fear of being lost

Main titles themes by Antriksh Bali