Film Review: AFTER (2012)

Film Review: AFTER (2012)

Feb 16, 2017

IMDb: After (2012)
Directors: Ryan Smith
Stars: Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Madison Lintz

After has a 2012, IMDB release date. I, however, had never heard about it until this year. It is always possible that widespread distribution has taken a long time. It could have also just came and gone. If that is the case, I would at least go ahead and give it a second chance if you run across it.

As far as PG-13 “horror” goes, it is usually a distressing signal for me. It is even hard for me to even bother walking into a film unless it is rated R. After watching the atrocious Conspiracy Theory, from MVD, however, I figured anything would be able to improve, my cinematic experience.

After is a million times better than Conspiracy Theory. It won’t be your next cult classic, or mind blowing psychological thriller. It isn’t Donnie Darko or The Sixth Sense by any means. It has the feel of good small film though. When I think about it, I think about underrated psychological thrillers like The Jacket, starring Adrien Brody. It even has the dark adult fairy tale feel of something like Pan’s Labyrinth. Again people, if it’s a million times better than Conspiracy Theory and a million times worse than Donnie Darko, it falls right smack in the middle of average. If I was giving it a star rating, it would get 3 out of 5.

It isn’t one I would rush out to buy for more than a couple bucks. It is one, that is would be valuable enough for a rewatch at that price though. For a film you have never heard of, and a group of filmmakers you know nothing about, it actually delivers some decent (PG-13) rated action and scares. Ryan Smith’s direction is good, despite numerous scenes that almost feel too dark to see. The two stars of the film also deliver above average performances. I would go as far as saying to keep an eye out for Steven Strait and Karolina Wydra. They seem pretty promising to me.

In the end, the movie even manages to have a good ending. While the plot is adequately twisty and mysterious, the ending manages to satisfy the horror and mystery enthusiast. I’m glad I gave this film a chance. It was way easier to sit through than many of the blind buys or blind streams on all of the VOD sites.