Film Review: A GOD WITHOUT A UNIVERSE (2015)

Film Review: A GOD WITHOUT A UNIVERSE (2015)

Feb 23, 2016

IMDb: A God Without a Universe (2015)
Director: Kasper Juhl
Stars: Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Siff Andersson, Peter Aude

Gudsforladt is the original title for Kasper Juhl’s new film, A God Without a Universe. It has been nominated for some pretty big awards in Denmark, where it was filmed. It has even gone up against some films of the mainstream variety. It is a stylized film with an absolutely disgusting story-line. It is disturbing in regards to story, but not like his other film that I reviewed. Earlier this year, Madness of Many was released by Unearthed Films. It was a dark and disgusting film of the visceral sort, with imagery that you wouldn’t quickly forget. This film is quite different from its predecessor, but effective nonetheless.


Since this film is not quite a horror movie, and completely different from what I expected, I am not sure what else I would compare it to on this site. It has some horrific elements in the end, but it is more horrific from a psychological standpoint than anything else. On the surface, it is about a brother and sister who have been reunited after a tragic incident in their childhood. Their actions, however, lead them down a very dark path. A path that is sure to lead them to yet another tragic event in adulthood.

This film is full of characters that will remind you of the dregs of humanity. The minor characters are drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals. The semi-important characters are sexual deviants and violence junkies. The main characters, who are usually the good guys, have parts of the bad sides of everyone else in the damn movie. So while I am not jumping up and down about the film as a graphic gore fest like Madness of Many, I am pretty impressed with the extent of the darkness involved. While I could not un-see Madness of Many, I cannot un-think A God Without a Universe. I also cannot get too in-depth regarding the story, in order to avoid spoilers. All I can tell you is I’ve seen a lot of sick shit, and this film manages to slither its way up my list without using tons of gore. It has some disturbing gore, some disturbing sex, and some disturbing violence. It somehow manages to capitalize on all of it, without going over-the-top, like other films of the extreme variety.

As a collector, I will surely purchase this film when the price comes down. While it is a very original and memorable film, I won’t do anything crazy if there is a $30 pre-order. I will wait until there is a reasonable release price and purchase the film to support a group of very talented and refreshing filmmakers.