Film Review: A MEASURE OF THE SIN (2013)

Film Review: A MEASURE OF THE SIN (2013)

Feb 3, 2016

IMDb: A Measure Of The Sin (2013)
Director: Jeff Wedding
Stars: Katie Groshong, Starina Johnson, Stephen Jackson

A Measure of the Sin is a 2013 film directed by Jeff Wedding. It has a strange look and feel from the start, which, at first, is intriguing. For me, however, the story and content of the film did not live up to the originality of its look. It looked like something filmed in the seventies, which will be a plus for the fan of old school exploitation cinema. I also liked how the soundtrack and cinematography conveyed the vintage feel. Even the chosen settings enhanced the idea that this this film could have been made for many different generations of film viewers.

measure of the sin

This film, although fairly short, felt very long for me. It claims to be art-house horror on the featured movie poster, but only has small aspects of each. In fact, I found the film’s poster to be a little misleading. In this case, I may have even liked the poster more than the film. The poster just conveys a darker and scarier world than the film depicts, and for this I am disappointed.

The world the film depicts centers on a girl living a very strange childhood. After the loss of her mother, she ends up living in a house with a man who exercises extreme control over those around him, and a bear that only she can see. The story is narrated by the desperate character, looking for an escape from this insane world. The insanity within this world kept me looking, but I couldn’t fight off the boredom. It was just weird enough, like many art-house films, to keep me sticking around for the entire film. It just didn’t have the payoff that I wanted in the end. It is disappointing too; because, I really wanted to like it. After the girl escapes, the film becomes absolutely bizarre. This should have been all I needed to love the film, but it’s just too slow.

I think the other reason I had trouble with this film is because I’m not sure if it knew what it was. I appreciate the old school feel it was trying to create, but found myself getting tired of looking at it. I was bored at times, due to the fact that it also really wasn’t a horror movie. It seemed like it attempted at psychological horror and then held back. While the possible attempt at art-house was also there, it could hardly be held as an example of that. Maybe the filmmakers were just trying to do too much with the movie. Too many influences crammed into a single film is not always a good thing. Sometimes the actual film can get lost in its attempts at homage.