Film Review: THE ACID SORCERER (2017)

Film Review: THE ACID SORCERER (2017)

Jul 14, 2017


The Acid Sorcerer is a dark and nihilistic horror film that borders between fiction and reality. The introduces the viewer to a serial killer, a drug addicted couple, a sadistic drug dealer, a cross dressing snuff filmmaker and a prostitute who has HIV. The characters embrace their inner darkness, struggle with morality, come to terms with their mortality and ultimately meet their demise.

This is Dakota Bailey’s third feature film and it is evident that he is truly growing as an artist. This time round we are treated visually to some kaleidoscopic imagery of drug addicts on benders at their most intense, characters so rich and raw, and a story laced with lost souls.

First up we meet Smoke, a serial killer guided by evil, played impressively by Dakota Bailey (who also wrote and directed the film). Bailey stumbles through convincingly and, as he is ultimately guided by the evil reaper like character called Loach, we take pity on his misdeeds.

We also meet Vermina (played by Natasha Morgan), a pregnant meth addict, and her concerned partner Crawdad (played by Darien Fawkes – who had a dual role as Leach as well). Each offer up a vulnerability, that keeps the films moral compass pointing throughout.

Eyevin, is a cruel dealer (played very well by the ever enjoyable Brian Knapp) who convincingly is just all about business. And Ecstasy (played well by Selena Velveteen) is a HIV infected hooker, who meets a tragic demise.

Nikki, a cross dresser with darker desires (played brilliantly by Nick Benning). Nikki was sweet and convincing, yet still deranged and maniacal. I loved Benning’s ability to switch between personas and immerse wholly in his character.

Shot gloriously in black and white (as are all of Dakota Bailey’s films), it helps accent the darkness within the shadows and pockets of light in which our characters inhabit. The double exposed colourful imagery of the ‘acid trips’ is mind blowing and offers an insight into the madness and mayhem, within each characters lives.