Film Review: ADAM CHAPLIN (2011)

Film Review: ADAM CHAPLIN (2011)

Jan 8, 2018

Directors: Emanuele De SantiGiulio De Santi
Stars: Emanuele De Santi, Valeria Sannino, Chiara Marfella

Adam Chaplin investigates his wife’s murder and discovers mafia boss Denny, is involved. Unable to trust the corrupt police, Adam summons a demon to lead him to the murderer, if he does everything the demon asks. Touted as one of the bloodiest films created, Adam Chaplin certainly delivers a Grindhouse reminiscent gore level of blood and guts. Visually we are treated to some delights. From the freakish demon perched on Adam’s shoulder, like Death Notes own Ryuk, guiding evil deeds, to the fight scenes spilling blood like Oren Ishi’s club and subsequent death scene in Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The gore doesn’t let up very often and the films pace keeps pulsating, unlike the hearts of those who cross Adam’s path.

The character of Adam himself is very much like Eric Draven in The Crow. He seeks vengeance for the tragic death of a loved one and is a dark, brooding character. You somewhat find yourself empathizing with Chaplin in parts of the film and cheering as he finishes off the evil doers one by one. Actually Chaplin is played by co creator Emmanuelle De Santi who seemingly towers over others impressively. Even when silent, De Santi delivers a fearsome shadow upon those he seeks to hunt down.

It is very easy to draw parallels between Adam Chaplin and other films, but this action packed horror romp still creates something so unique you often question what is occurring on screen. The plot evolves steadily for the most part, and the characters develop strongly. There are some extremely impressive special effects scenes, creating much of the old school guts and gore on screen. And sadly there were some unnecessary moments using CGI, that do let down aspects of some others.

This film is a slave to some of the budgetary restrictions within some Indie films, however I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the plot and the actual special effects used.