Film Review: ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (2014)

Film Review: ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (2014)

Mar 24, 2016

IMDb: All Hell Breaks Loose (2014)
Director: Jeremy Garner
Stars: Mike Bazanele, Nick Forrest, Joshua Lee Frazie

In the latest film from Wild Eye Releasing, a new entry of bikersploitation is ushered in with Jeremy Garner’s All Hell Breaks Loose. An amalgamation of excessive nudity, exploitation antics, Satanism, bikers, over the top gore and more, All Hell Breaks Loose carries the tradition of films like Dear God No!, Satan’s Sadists, and Hell Ride.

When a Satanic biker gang rolls into town snatching up virgins, Nick’s wife being one of them, God will give the strength and opportunity to the recently made husband in order to stop the gang at all costs and prevent them from releasing Satan upon the world. Being of no match against a vicious gang, Nick is quickly killed, as fast as you would expect a nerdy man to be. God (Joseph Sullivan), dressed in a white suit with a white hat and a Sam Elliott style resonant voice, resurrects Nick (Nick Forrest) with each passing failed attempt to save the soul of his kidnapped wife Bobby Sue (Sarah Kobel Marquette). Each time he fails, Nick is killed in increasingly violent ways by the biker gang, Satan’s Sinners, and God gives him another shot at being the savior of Earth.

The resurrections themselves start to wear thin rather quickly. While I did find the film to be humorous, the jokes on display from God are just corny and fall flat in their self referential nature. Even some of the bikers themselves are overplayed jokes, the biker that worships all things Elvis related is a perfect example. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed quite a bit, but the hundred jokes a second style tends to leave a good majority of them with a certain amount of awkwardness lingering in the air.

As inconsistent as the humor is, nothing is more inconsistent than the special effects. Ranging from classic Troma style goopy gags to more modern bombastic gore sequences, the effects are undermined by what feels like a Craigslist response to free CGI work. As good and plentiful as the practical effects are, the choice to blend in poor CGI is a huge disappointment. Luckily the insanity that is the big showdown finale redeems a lot of the poor effects work.

The story is pretty basic, this is about as high concept as a horror film can get, yet the script becomes a little muddled in the middle. The acting is stiff and cringe inducing, but it fits the cheesy design well enough. Despite my bickering, All Hell Breaks Loose is a fun film. You are guaranteed to laugh at least a few times and gore is done in comical and viciously entertaining ways.