Jan 1, 2019

IMDb: Amazon Hot Box (2018)
Director: James Bickert
Stars: Ellie Church, Tristan Risk, Kelsey Carlisle
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James Bickert directed Dumpster Baby back in the day. It is one of my favorite underrated Troma releases. He also went on to create two of the most widely loved exploitation homage films on the indie scene in the last few years. With that being said, Amazon Hot Box is definitely the most logical progression when your previous two hits were Dear God No! and Frankenstein Created Bikers. As a fan of his films, and the films of which he pays homage, I have a definite bias here. If you’re reading this site, however, you probably have the same bias; so whatever bro. This film will surely be a welcome addition to your James Bickert collection.

The script takes a modernized look at the women-in-prison films and adds tons of raunchy humor. The sexual experiments, and Ellie Church’s character in particular, hearken back to the days of Ilsa and SS Hellcamp as well. So while Bickert is obviously making this film to appeal to the libidinous sixteen year old in all of us, I welcome his exploitative spirit.

This movie isn’t as horror-centric as his others; however, I do feel like genre fans and fans of his work will have a great time with it. I don’t see Bickert as a full blown horror director anyway. He is a modern day exploitation filmmaker, that obviously has a great love for the obscure cult classics that many of us grew up with. I love seeing the way he modernizes plots and creates comedic situations out of stuff that probably disturbed us when we watched the original films in our younger days. So you don’t have to be a gore hound to appreciate his work, and this work especially. He definitely uses some blood; but this one focuses more on boobs, which I have learned are also highly regarded by gore-hounds.

In the end, I highly recommend checking this one out. You can rent it first,; however, if you are reading this site, you will probably end up wanting to buy it anyway. As far as homage films go, I’m really glad to see this genre get its day in the spotlight, even though it isn’t a full blown gory horror film.

Review originally posted on October 12th, 2018