Oct 10, 2018

IMDb: American Antichrist (2018)
Director: Dakota Ray
Stars: Larry Bay, Nick Benning, Meg Lacie Brown

American Antichrist is the newest feature from Denver based director Dakota Ray (The Rise & Fall of an American Scumbag, The Acid Sorcerer). The film is comprised of six stories that create a brutal vision of a post apocalyptic world inhabited by yet another group of Scumbags: including a serial killer raised from the dead, who is haunted by visions of hell, a deranged religious fanatic, a sadistic drug dealer, with connections to a snuff film ring, and a female drug addict who will do anything to get her next fix.

At six films in three years, Dakota Bailey (Ray) is one of the hardest working guys in the underground. As I’ve said in the past, his films get better and better as his experience grows. American Antichrist is no exception to his trend in filmmaking. It once again makes great strides in the areas of special effects and sound. These were two issues (especially sound) in his early works. Now, he seems to have figured out quite a bit about post production thus enabling him to really take hold of of what is now his distinct cinematic style.

Dakota once told me that he wanted to make the movies that he wanted to see. I appreciate his dedication to his genre, which is somewhere between exploitation and faux-documentary. I think his little movies are a refreshing switch from the formulaic mainstream.

As his films improve over time, I think his following will keep growing; thus, creating a need to add him to your underground film collection. In fact, if you don’t know about him or haven’t purchased from him, I think this most recent film is the best place to start. So get out there and support indie film…especially if you are into stories involving exploration into the disturbing and bizarre nature of the darkside of humanity. Although it lacks gore, even horror fans will be into the imagery in this film. It is, after all, full of evil, death, drugs…and…Satan?!?!