Film Review: ANTIHUMAN (2017)

Film Review: ANTIHUMAN (2017)

Feb 19, 2018

IMDb: Antihuman (2017)
Directors: Luke Gietzen, Mark Robins
Stars: Anya Korzun, Danielle Arden, Andrew Jardine

Originally filmed under the title POST HUMAN: AN EVENT, the second film from directors Luke Gietzen and Mark Robins would have had a hard time finding acceptance among mainstream horror fans as it was. A slow, dialogue driven film better filled with scenes and ideas better suited for the art house than mass market in the first place. But then Wild Eye Releasing re-titled it ANTIHUMAN and sold it as a cross between ORPHAN BLACK and RESIDENT EVIL. With expectations like this, it didn’t have a chance of satisfying viewers.

Terminally ill Maggie (Anya Korzun MOUNTAIN FEVER) and three friends journey back to her childhood home. The home turns out to be a mental institution where her mother was a nurse. There they meet Walker (Andrew Jardine) who claims to have worked there until it closed. He tells them of the abuses and experiments performed on the patients. And warns them of what might be waiting for them inside.

While this sounds like the set up for at least an acceptable haunted building film but what we get is a lot of long static conversations about life, the universe and everything. And maybe the apocalypse, but that isn’t made clear either. And after nearly two hours of dialogue I think I at least deserve a proper ending.

The cinematography is stunning at times, the acting is certainly acceptable as well. The very few effects the film has are decent enough for low budget CGI. The script is certainly another matter, but there is an audience for these kinds of films and I suspect a specialized distributor could have gotten some mileage out of ANTIHUMAN. I honestly can’t think of what Wild Eye thought they were doing here. Like most low budget distributors they’re good at making cheap films look like epics and selling the sizzle on some very dubious steak. But there’s usually at least a connection between what’s promised and what’s delivered. And a fair chance you’ll enjoy it. This dose of mismarketing is just going to anger viewers and hurt the company’s reputation.

ANTIHUMAN is available on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing