Film Review: AVA’S POSSESSIONS (2015)

Film Review: AVA’S POSSESSIONS (2015)

Mar 3, 2016

IMDb: Ava’s Possessions (2015)
Director: Jordan Galland
Stars: Louisa Krause, Whitney Able, Deborah Rush

Ava’s Possessions is the story of what takes place after every exorcism film that you’ve ever seen. The film opens at the end of Ava’s exorcism. The story continues, following Ava, as she attempts to rebuild her life after the removal of the demon. This process involves group therapy, the amends process, and redemption. When she is forced into what the film refers to as AA for victims of possession, her twelve step journey becomes a fairly interesting trip for the viewer. While people who have dealt with addiction may find the comparisons made to possession offensive, I think they had a legitimate plan in mind while making the film. If you look at addiction as a demon that takes over the victim, then you will surely see the connection as well.

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This film has an interesting take on a stale genre. It is an original attempt to revitalize an area of film that has completely taken over your local Redbox and Netflix feed. Of all of the genre based money grabs out there, the most irritating for me has been the exorcism genre. Most people are completely annoyed by the number of zombie films being thrown around. As an avid zombie fan, I am also pretty annoyed with the current craze. It is the amount of sub-par exorcism films, however, that have annoyed me even more.

As a horror fan who was deeply influenced by Friedkin’s original classic, The Exorcist, I find many of the modernized versions boring and offensive. It seems like these are just the types of films that are easy to create on a small budget; therefore, they can quickly breed several horrible clones.

With that being said, while this isn’t an instant classic, it is a film that I can truly appreciate. This is probably due to the fact that it isn’t a mere cash grab. It is a film that takes chances with its plot. It has a legitimate budget, recognizable cast, and obvious production value. I do not think the filmmakers tried to rush this film or cut any corners on their budget.

While it has nothing especially horrific, it lacks gore, and could definitely use some more action, it still has a refreshing quality for this viewer. I really had trouble with the film because of the fact that it isn’t a gritty and violent underground effort. It is an average film, with decent actors, and an above average plot. It is a film that I could eventually see myself adding to the collection purely due to its innovative spirit.