Film Review: BAD FRANK (2017)

Film Review: BAD FRANK (2017)

Jun 13, 2017

IMDb: Bad Frank (2017)
Director: Tony Germinario
Stars: Kevin Interdonato, Amanda Clayton, Tom Sizemore

While not a horror film per se, Tony Germinario’s debut feature BAD FRANK is certainly an intense, nasty idie thriller. Written by Germinario and two of the film’s leads, Russ Russo and Kevin Interdonato, and shot in eleven days, BAD FRANK is an interesting and vicious twist on a familiar plot.

Frank (Kevin Interdonato BLUE COLLAR BOYS) is a carpenter married to a stunningly beautiful RN Gina (Amanda Clayton BLEED FOR THIS) and living what seems to be a very successful lifestyle. But he’s also a troubled man, on multiple medications for migraines, and estranged from his parents. His mother won’t return his calls, and his father (former boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini) keeps him at arm’s length to an unspecified criminal past. Of course his plans to go straight are sabotaged and he is roped into one last job, a simple drug deal that turns into double cross and murder. It also brings his past back in the form of Mickey Duro (Tom Sizemore NATURAL BORN KILLERS). When Mickey kidnaps Gina, all of Frank’s past spills out, with devastating results. A plot we’ve all seen before, probably a few dozen times.

BAD FRANK takes it and twists it in many, many different directions, from Frank’s method of revenge to the details of the various character’s pasts and secrets that are revealed as the second half plays out. It’s a roller-coaster ride that saw my sympathies and opinions of the main characters repeatedly shift. All of this leads up to a shattering finale.

The acting here is also on point, Interdonato gives a star making performance in the title role. He nails it as a man fighting his inner demons as his life falls falls apart, He matches the talent to convey his inner conflict with the build up to convincingly handle the more physical ones. Sizemore has often been criticized for phoning in his performances in low budget films, but he’s convincingly nasty here, And non actor Mancini is very good as Frank’s father, the scenes between them are some of the film’s emotional highlights.

BAD FRANK racked up a large number of awards and nominations on the festival circuit before being picked up for release. It will be available on iTunes and other VOD platforms July 4th from Gravitas Ventures.