Film Review: BAG BOY LOVER BOY (2014)

Film Review: BAG BOY LOVER BOY (2014)

Sep 6, 2018

IMDb: Bag Boy Lover Boy (2014)
Director: Andres Torres
Stars: Theodore Bouloukos, Jon Wachter, Kathy Biehl

BAG BOY LOVER BOY (2014) is one of the darkest and funniest horror satires I’ve seen in a long time. It centers around a hot dog vendor that is a little slow. His mental quirks quickly get him involved with some shady characters that promise him fame and fortune in the photography industry. The antagonist acts like he is a huge figure in this industry, quickly reeling in this victim for his own selfish motives.

Before you know it, you, the viewer, are diving deep into the strange world of sexploitation and all of your favorite fetishes…maybe, I don’t know how weird you are. Either way, you will find yourself going through a strange sense of unease while watching this film. I think it is due to the fact that the main character is so awkward. The situations he found himself in had me off-kilter, which is not a feeling I get very often anymore.

So anyway, this film gets very dark very quickly. The best part about it is the fact that it manages to stay funny despite the disturbing undertones of the film. The music, lighting, and impressive performances all add to the very uneasy aesthetic produced by watching this film. I can’t say I’ve ever been so disturbed and so comedically entertained all at the same time. By the time the blood starts flowing, the film has managed to make fun of the underground film industry, artists, hipsters, bros, elitists, and even the downtrodden. It is a movie where no group of people is safe from a satirical stab. So as a fan of dark comedies and satire, I found it to be highly entertaining.

Oh yeah, it is also a horror movie. It has great kills and brutal gore effects. While I thought there would be more blood, I think they needed to find a balance with what they were creating here. They needed to create a film that was ambiguous in regard to good guys, bad guys, sex, and violence. I was insanely impressed by their success in pulling this task off as well. I had not heard of anyone involved in this film. I’m usually unimpressed by most of the releases from Severin films; however, if they start to put out more modern gems like this, I could jump onto the bandwagon pretty quickly.