Film Review: BETHANY (2017)

Bethany (2017)
Film Review by Meredith Brown
Written by James Cullen Bressack
Produced by James Cullen Bressack
Directed by James Cullen Bressack and Zack Ward
Starring: Stefanie Estes, Shannen Doherty, Zack Ward, and Tom Green

James Cullen Bressack is the prince of horror. Once again, he brings us a scary, frightening and haunting tale of family values.

After the passing of her mother, Claire and her husband Aaron (Estes and Ward) move into her childhood home where many evil memories reside.

From the moment Claire and Aaron begin their new lives in this house, creepy things start to happen…and all to Claire. Is this her imagination? Does anyone see what is physically and violently happening to her? From the chilling shower scene, to the threaded face (yes, THAT made me cringe!), it is clear that Claire is being haunted by someone in her past.

Flashbacks appear, as a young Claire recalls piano lessons to bouts of untidiness by her mother (a vicious Doherty who hasn’t shown this level of cruelty since playing Brenda Walsh!), and the abuse endured continuously throughout her upbringing.

Zack Ward is the compassionate husband Aaron, trying to get a grip on his wife’s sudden outbursts and resistance to having a child of their own. “Not in this house” she snaps. You see, Claire wasn’t the only child growing up in this malicious home. Her best friend was imaginary. An imaginary little girl named Bethany.

So, what happened to Bethany? Is she haunting this young couple? Is she bitter about Claire’s departure so many years earlier? Is she….real?

There are plenty of alarming moments that will jump-scare you out of your seat. Bressack has mastered the art of terrifying you as the plot unfolds into a spine-tingling family secret that will freak you out. It’s simply grotesque…how far a self-absorbed mother will go to depict the ultimately perfect family.

And let’s not forget the zany Tom Green! Who…well…is NOT very wacky at all. In fact, as the therapist for Claire and Aaron, he seems to be the only person with his head on straight.

If you like The Grudge, you’ll enjoy this.
If you hated The Grudge….you’ll still enjoy this. LOL!


Author: Meredith Bogard Brown

I began my love of horror when I was 10, after seeing Motel Hell with my mother. My passion for writing started in high school and I became a contributing writer for several Long Island newspapers. After college, I created a column for Heavy Metal magazine, covering band interviews, concerts, and extreme cinema. My Facebook horror group, Disturbing Horror Cinema has a large following and grows each day. Since my career as a corporate event planner takes up a huge chunk of my life, watching and reviewing this film genre is an outlet for me that I absolutely adore!

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