Film Review: BLOOD FEAST (2016)

Film Review: BLOOD FEAST (2016)

Feb 26, 2018

I was so excited to see the Blood Feast remake on the shelf at my local Best Buy. Seeing names like Marcel Walz and Megan Nicholson gave me a feeling of victory. I saw the underground being represented at the national level. Sadly, the film didn’t have the underground feel that one would expect from the work of some of the best in splatter that Canada and Europe have to offer.

First off, the cast is highly recognizable. There is even a cameo from HGL himself! There was an obvious budget for this film. The production is high and the Blu-ray quality is really nice. While there were moments where the darkness was almost too dark, I truly enjoy the overall look of the film. Walz’s stylized lighting technique has been one of darkness all the way back to la petite morte. His sexualized violence has also been something that made his work stand out.

This film, however, doesn’t have everything you’ve come to expect from this filmmaker. While there is a lot of blood and violence, it doesn’t have the relentlessly brutal appeal that some of his older work had. This, of course, probably has something to do with that production value I was talking about. It seems like financial backing comes with strings for the up and coming filmmakers. I don’t see it as selling out, but some will. I see it as growing in a world where artistic expression is being crushed from all sides.

With that being said, this isn’t a work of art. The first one wasn’t either. It was just an exploitation film. It holds an important part in most of our gore filled hearts, so it is hard for us to see remakes. I don’t hate remakes, but I don’t rush out to see them either. I think this is an okay movie. It has the potential to get a new generation of horror fans into the gore genre. Sure, there could be more; but, then it may not have received the wide release that it go. So while I’m torn about my overall opinion of the film, I am still comfortable with m purchase. You can get this added to your collection for a very fair price. You can also support the underground and indie filmmakers from a Best Buy store, which is pretty cool in itself.