Film Review: BROKEN (2006)

Film Review: BROKEN (2006)

Jun 15, 2016

IMDb: Broken (2006)
Directors: Simon Boyes, Adam Mason
Stars: Nadja Brand, Eric Colvin, Abbey Stirling

The film that put Adam Mason on the map was made for less than 5,000 pounds. Broken was a gory indie torture film that was meant to capitalize on the popularity of Saw. The Dimension Extreme line of films was meant to capitalize on slapping the “unrated” label on self-proclaimed “extreme” films of the time. I have discussed many films from this series in the past. Some were very good. The Feast Trilogy was among my favorite, and reviewed awhile back. It was not just one of my favorite Dimension Extreme releases; but, it quickly became one of my favorite underrated trilogies of all time. Earlier in the year I also looked at a terrible film from this label. I reviewed the remake of The Wizard of Gore. This was an awful remake, that was inaccurately represented by Dimension Films. Broken, falls in between these two examples for me.

This film is definitely not original by any means. The content seems to be inspired by films like Saw and Wolf Creek, while attempting the non-chronological story structure that was also growing in popularity with films like Memento. It is about a woman who wakes up in an inexplicable and horrifying situation. She has been abducted and held captive by a maniac in the woods. While there, she witnesses the torture he has inflicted on past victims and watched the abduction and torture of his new victims. She endures brutal torture herself, leading her on a quest for survival and ultimately towards an insane climax.

This film really set the tone for Mason’s future work. It is a blood drenched film with really good make up effects. It also builds to a surprising conclusion that I have come to expect from his other films. Since I am reviewing a trilogy of his earlier work, it has been very cool to see how his films have changed. He did a great job paying attention to his strengths and growing as a filmmaker. My favorite part of this film in particular is the ending. Despite the weaknesses in the plot, the climactic final sequence has a dark and nihilistic tone that will surely stick in your head.

As far as Broken goes, it is my least favorite of the three Mason films that I’m reviewing. It isn’t bad, it’s just messy. At times it’s a little hard to follow and it doesn’t do much to expand the genres that it represents. It is, however, better than many of the films from this Dimension Extreme series. While I would start with Feast and Black Sheep,

I would put this in the second tier of films along with Mother of Tears. It can also be purchased in a set of six Dimension Extreme films for ten bucks on Amazon. For this value, even if you get lukewarm feelings from the films, they are worth the low price.