Film Review: BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2017)

Film Review: BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2017)

Apr 14, 2018

Director: Joshua Coates
Stars: Eric Roberts, Grant Harvey, Pooch Hall

Lillith, in Christian mythology she was Adam’s first wife, created from the dust along with him, and then banished from Eden for failing to obey him. Cursed by God she gave herself to Satan and became mother to the succubi, who plague men to the present day. Surprisingly she’s rarely been used in genre films, despite the obvious potential for sex and gore. So when I stumbled across Joshua Coates BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL I gave it a shot. I got something I wasn’t expecting.

Somebody is killing off the men of Atlanta in a host of gruesome ways. Her victims seem to include quite a few members of the religious community, found under compromising circumstances. Lillith (Alice Rose) is back and looking for blood. Jeremiah (Grant Harvey) an orphan and a freshman in one of the city’s colleges, seems to have some odd powers of his own. What is the connection between the two? Could it have something to do with his unknown parents?

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL is an odd hybrid, trying to be both a legitimate horror movie and deliver a sincere religious message. However, a film about a demon that uses sex to get it’s victims might not have been the best choice for a villain. Not being able to put sex or nudity on display pretty much hamstrings the film by keeping much of the killing off screen as well. It does manage to get a couple of fairly bloody kills on the screen, but to much is left unseen.

It’s too bad the filmmaker chose to do this because the plot is pretty good and it avoids a lot of pitfalls other “faith based” films fall into. I also liked that BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL wasn’t afraid to deal with problems within the religious community such as preachers who don’t practice what they preach. It’s certainly better than most religious horror, but it could have been a hell of a lot better too.