Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Nov 21, 2016

Synopsis: Santa is a little bored this year and needs to get his Jolly’s . He’s looking for some fun, murderous escapades and a few Ho Ho Ho’s along the way.


Firstly…this Christmas film is DEFINITELY not for the kiddies (or any prudes). This 65 minute descent into a sexually fueled homicidal madness is however just the perfect fit for a fan of pure cheesy goodness.

Early on we are introduced to our perverted but insatiable Kris Kringle and his escapades. Santa breaks into homes, kills people, dismembers and eats them. “I think it’s time for some head” was one of my favorite lines right before he then proceeds to face fuck the dismembered head of one particular blonde bimbo! Body parts begin to fly and the amazing prosthetics and gore is such a thrill to watch.

On it’s meager $1200 budget: the blending of gore ,cheesy gags, and of course sex sex and more sex is pure genius.

A drug dealer snorting cocaine off a girls ass, women in barely anything, yet I honestly didn’t find it sexist. It’s all in good Christmassy fun. I felt myself lighten up and have a laugh as Santa said “Ho ho ho motherfucker!”

Bob Glazier is a devious delight as our Kris Kringle, and is joined by an ensemble of actors and actresses who clearly enjoy the Sleaze Box world (like the sci-fi filmmakers Asylum casts). Glazier goes all out (quite literally in one scene) to impress us as the homicidal, people eating, holiday favorite. This makes the movie Bad Santa look tame and is definitely going to be a new addition to my beloved laughs during the silly season. Santa surely is dreaming of a “White Christmas”, and with the films tagline “You’re only as good as you taste”, I doubt you cannot laugh as hard as I did watching some scenes.

This was my introduction to the wild world of Sleaze Box…a combination of repulsion and hilarity (I kid you not I was wheezing I was laughing so hard!!) and now I must check out more in the future!! Sleaze Box here I come!!!