Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Dec 7, 2016

Having seen a couple of films directed by Sean Donohue, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE and DIE DIE DELTA PI, and one he exec produced THE HOUSEWIFE SLASHER I was more than happy to get offered a screener of his latest, CANNIBAL CLAUS.


CANNIBAL CLAUS tells the tale of Nick Cringle (Bob Glazier AMERIKAN HOLOCAUST, SLASHER WEEKEND) a mall Santa fired on Christmas Eve. This sets off flashbacks to a traumatic childhood Christmas dinner, which in turn sets him off on a rampage of murder and cannibalism. That is pretty much the plot, there’s no grand plan of revenge, no list of victims, or avenging an old wrong. Just random outrageous and over the top killings, usually of nude women. But what else would you expect from a company called The Sleaze Box?

As you can guess, this is all done in a seriously un PC manner. The nudity is at times full frontal and in your face, hell you even get to see Santa’s candy cane. The killings are gory and there’s nice little add-ons like necrophilia and of course cannibalism. It’s all backed up by solid practical effects that make everything redder than Santa’s suit. The effects are all various shades of disgusting but the best is saved for near the end, when we find out just what’s going on in the flashback, and why Nick is so fucked up. I won’t give anything away but the effect is as nasty and fucked up as the reason he’s fucked up. A great score by Toshiyuki Hiraoka (HI-8, HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS) is icing on the cake.

This is really the kind of film you’ll either love or hate and you probably have a good idea which it’s going to be before you turn it on just from the description. If you’re considering this one, you can rest assured it does deliver the goods, you’ll get all the blood, boobs and debauchery you were expecting. Definitely near the top of the all too crowded killer Santa field, this is great holiday viewing.