Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Film Review: CANNIBAL CLAUS (2016)

Nov 12, 2016

Sean Donohue wrote and directed this holiday gross out fest. While it is no Death-Scort Service (One of my favorite indies of last year), it may be the Christmas horror movie that many of you have been waiting for all your lives.


Once again, The Sleaze Box is bringing you one of the most grotesque films of the year. It isn’t very long. It doesn’t do much for unpredictability, in regard to the story; but, it does manage to offend. When it comes to Sleaze Box films from Donohue and Chris Woods, my favorite thing about them is their offensive nature. I recently covered Woods’ Chaos A.D., and he definitely approached the greatness that is Donohue’s Death-Scort service with that outing. Both filmmakers manage to take something in their films to the next level, even if it’s just a single scene that you can’t get out of your damn head.

In Cannibal Claus, that scene is the mutilated baby. It will surely go down in Sleaze Box history along with certain scenes of baseball bats and genital mutilation. So while this film is not a horror classic, it is definitely a dirty and sleazy experience. It has hilarious overacting, disgusting gore work, raunchy nudity, and a blatant disregard for the holiday season.

Sadly enough, you will not get to quench your thirst for Bob Glazier’s dick in this one, like you did in Chaos A.D.. But hey, it’s coming at you from Florida (aka America’s Wang), so it’s close enough. As far as The Sleaze Box and other films from Donohue go, this is a slightly above average outing. I would still send the rookies out there to Death-Scort or Amerikan Holokaust first. Therefore, I would probably put this into a group of very close running second tier films like Die Die Delta Pi and Chaos A.D..

The best thing about this label and its films, however, is the fact that they are so damn affordable. As a collector that doesn’t necessarily obsess over a single label, I know that this one is usually worth the risk/reward factor when it comes to blind buys. There is nothing like paying twenty bucks for a let down. At least if these guys let you down it is only ten bucks, or five when they have one of their numerous sales. So go check out The Sleaze Box and find some films with content that you never thought you would witness on film.