Film Review: CHANNEL 309: EPISODES 4-6 (2016)

Film Review: CHANNEL 309: EPISODES 4-6 (2016)

Mar 11, 2016


Coming at you from Black Lava Entertainment, this film is on the extreme end of extreme films. It comes from the twisted mind of underground filmmaker Marco Malattia. If you are unfamiliar with his work, or some of the other releases from this company, you probably need to do a little research before watching this film. If you know his work, however, or the work of Lucifer Valentine, you have surely been looking forward to this release.

Channel 309 is a film that involves extreme sexual depravity. After watching this film, and remembering my viewing of Slow Torture Puke Chamber, I have realized that I need to stop throwing the phrase sexual depravity around so easily. I have talked about it in films like The Witch Who Came from the Sea and The Tenderness of Wolves. While those films were depraved for their time, they were mostly on a psychological level. When you get into modern day extreme underground films, you realize that sexual depravity has an entirely different definition.

This film is full of hardcore fetish pornography. Some of it is even stomach churning. While I was not as disgusted with the sexual content of this film as I was with Slow Torture Puke Chamber, it is still up there as one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. As opposed to STPC, this film has some artistic value to me. I do not see the “art” that some people see in vomit gore; but, this film has some style. I love the black and white photography, the run down settings, and the sound.

Yes, the sound. This film has a pulsating score. It is amazing that a film full of such disgusting visuals can have a score that stands out like this one. It has a bass filled, synthesized, brutality that will really make you feel the film. While I found myself uncomfortable at viewing certain scenes, I also found myself turning up the volume. The music made me anxious to a point where I was actually stressed out. Good or bad, this is an effective film. It is a film that you have to hear, despite the fact that there is no dialogue.

As for the episodes, they got better as the film moved forward. The first episode had too much ass-play for me. It was just a bunch of grossness, with a cool camera lens mixed in every once in awhile. The second episode really started to build my interest. I got past the weird fetish stuff and started paying more attention to the settings, imagery, and props. The anonymity behind the masks, graffiti on the walls, and ritualistic symbolism of the skulls started to mean something to me. By the third sequence, I found myself a fan of the visual style of the filmmaker.

It is very interesting that I actually started to like portions of this film. I had to push through the first episode to really let my appreciation grow. While this is still a film that won’t get many re-watches from me, I’m glad I saw it. I love the sound and the vision of worldly decay created within the settings. If it didn’t have the hardcore sex, many fans of art-house cinema would probably love the cinematography involved. It does, however, have some of the craziest hyper-sexualized content I’ve ever seen. So I would urge the viewer to be careful if they don’t know what they are getting themselves into. You have been warned; but, hopefully you have also been intrigued enough to check out something new and out of the ordinary, that you will definitely remember forever.