Film Review: CHAOS A.D. (2016)

Film Review: CHAOS A.D. (2016)

Aug 6, 2016

Director Chris Woods and the rest of The Sleaze Box crew are at it again with Chaos A.D.. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any raunchier than Death-Scort Service, they come at you with more nudity, violence, and disgustingly degenerate behavior than ever before.


Earlier this year, I was pretty pumped about the fact that they did a shot-on-video version of Death-Scort Service (directed by Sean Donohue). It really cheapened the feel of one of the sleaziest films I had seen to date. This feel, of course, is exactly what it needed. That was a throwback to films like Gore Whore, full of nudity, sexual perversion, and violence. These are the types of films that people my age remember renting and watching late at night, constantly hiding them from their parents. Chaos A.D. has many similarities to films like these, but takes everything a step further. Interestingly enough, while moving forward with the sleaze factor it also managed to take the quality of filmmaking one step further as well.

This film, you see, is a sleaze-fest with style. It uses lighting in ways that are reminiscent of the glory days of Giallo cinema. It also manages to blend aspects of your torture film favorites with the most chaotic and claustrophobic backwoods murder films. So while this may sound unoriginal at first, I strongly suggest you give it a shot. I would recommend this film to most fans, because it isn’t just a clone. It has aspects of these three film genres, while managing to be its own movie. So don’t let labels like “backwoods” turn you off. It is not a Redbox clone/cash grab. It is a movie that very quickly lets you know that it does not give a fuck about the mainstream or the system in general. It is a movie built for very specific fans and a very specific website. A website like this, that attempts to celebrate the independent spirit of underground films, needs this movie to exist.

This of course makes me incredibly proud to be able to view the film ahead of time. I have way more fun trying to pump up an audience about films that are unlike anything they’ve ever seen, as opposed to a re-release of something they saw back in┬áthe eighties. This, my friend, is one of those films. It is also probably the best film to date from The Sleaze Box. While their last feature was one of my favorite indie films of the last year, this one managed to shock and disturb me even more. On top of the well-made homage, it also has great effects work, diving into some inventive and imaginative torture techniques. Just when I thought last year’s baseball bat scene was as disgusting as they could get, they threw this film at me.

So if you are a big fan of memorable gore, gratuitous nudity, and brutality that can only be seen in underground films, check this movie out. I probably said, “What the fuck?” eight to ten times in this film. This says a lot, coming from a guy that feels like he’s getting to the point where he’s seen it all. So with one final shout out to The Sleaze Box crew, and Bob Glazier’s dick, I’d like to say, “thanks for keeping it sick.”