Film Review: Child Eater (2017)

Awhile back I reviewed a surprisingly well-done horror anthology film called Patient Seven. One of the directors on that film now has two feature length movies being distributed. Child Eater and Rift are the film titles to remember and Erlingur Thoroddsen is the director to remember.

Child Eater is a suspenseful and action packed supernatural thriller. It truly surprised me. Walking into it, I imagined it being another one of those movies where the family moves into a house and their kid becomes part of yet another scary kid movie. Instead, the kid wasn’t possessed and the boogeyman wasn’t your stereotypical slasher. Sure, it had elements of scary kids and haunted houses; but, what supernatural film doesn’t? The main problem here is the fact that the mainstream isn’t adventurous enough and the horror snobs want to hate everything that looks like it has the slightest potential to be mainstream.

This is always an issue with me as a film fan. I’m not sitting here saying I just sit at home and watch A Serbian Film and Mordum every night. I like films from The Sixth Sense to Flowers, from The Last Starfighter to Breeders, and from The Crow to John Wick. I even watch the Oscar nominated films, and tend to enjoy many of them. So don’t sit there and say you are going to hate Child Eater because it doesn’t have a woman pissing in a crushed human skull before drinking it and vomitting that into her “girlfriends” mouth while she pisses on her brother’s face. Of course, you can’t tell me Child Eater is an amazing film either, right up there with The Babadook and It Follows, because they were overrated by an irresponsible, impulsive, and irrational fan base anyway. You know, the overzealous d-smoking mainstream audience that I just kinda protected a second ago.

The bottom line is that we watch movies for ourselves. I will not hide the fact that I like movies that lots of people hate. These films come from all genres as well as the mainstream and underground communities. I believe that Child Eater is a movie that manages to do enough to impress both of these audiences. You know, the ones that I sometimes defend and sometimes destroy. I think both sides of the fence will appreciate the fact that it is a darkly shot film, with really nice gore effects. It is not overly gory, but definitely makes a statement. The entire cast is convincing and skilled in portraying their characters. The most important part of any film of this sort, however, is the killer; and, this killer is awesome. He is brutal as hell, with an original look, that is legitimately scary. He opens and closes the film with memorable horror sequences. So  the bottom line is that I think this is going to be a great Wal-Mart blind buy or legitimate VOD rental for any horror fan.


Author: Steven Paul

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