Film Review: CINCO DE MAYO (2013)

Film Review: CINCO DE MAYO (2013)

May 25, 2016


According to IMDB, this film was made on a six hundred dollar budget! If this is true, it has a pretty impressive look to it. It is full of do-it-yourself effects, music, and make-up work. It is a slasher film that has a little bit of eighties flavor with some modern horror/comedy mixed in. It is a release from Slasher Video. They are part of Olive Films, and have recently dedicated themselves to putting out old school classics and modern low-budget films that are definitely in line to be future cult classics.

The tagline calls it “Stand and Deliver meets Halloween”. I see it more like 187 meets Sledge. Since this distribution label has already cemented itself ass the place to go for slasher cheese and sleaze, Cinco de Mayo will be a great addition to your collection of Killer Workout, Shock ’em Dead, and Death Nurse. Slasher Video is also a very affordable company, putting out numerous films at very fair prices. While I would highly recommend Killer Workout be your first purchase, if you are new to the label, any of these films will be worth a shot in the dark for most horror fans. They all encompass an era and style of film-making that has virtually disappeared from the world of movies.

The best thing about Cinco de Mayo is that it encompasses the top qualities of all of these films and it was made in the modern era. I loved the retro soundtrack and the politically incorrect racial humor. Back in the day, films were full of racial stereotypes and a dark sense of humor that you just can’t get in today’s age of sensitive people on the internet. This movie is also, unlike many modern horror comedies, legitimately funny. It’s silliness and bad acting is there, but the comedy is at least a little more mature than something like Morbid or Beau Nerjoose.

Overall, it has moved its way into my top three releases from Slasher Video. It is one of the best throwback films I have seen in a long time. It even has a midnight movie host that introduces the film and sets up trailers throughout the film. This film is more than a common slasher. It takes me back to the nights where I would stay up late on summer vacation. I would sit there hoping something would show up on cable that I had never seen before. I would hope to see some boobs and some blood, usually only coming across a minimal amount of blood and no boobs. It was still fun though. Today, I find myself falling asleep before eleven on the damn weekends. So, of course, I have to find a film like this to remind me of what it was like back in the day. I even took it to the next level and bought the standard DVD instead of the Blu. I wanted it to look as grainy as possible. Both options are available on their website, so check them out.