It took me a long time to get around to seeing Crackbaby Billionaire from Sleaze Box veteran John Miller. I reviewed his ultra-violent, sleazy film Skumbagz a couple years ago.

Crackbaby Billionaire uses many familiar elements from Miller’s past works. His post-modern/hip-hop infused portrayals of the underbelly of society are still very apparent in these films. Similar to low-budget filmmakers like Dakota Bailey, Miller is constantly representing the degenerate nature of society in glaring fashion. A couple years back, I mentioned the fact that Skumbagz did begin to drag at points, seeming like an overly-long music video at times. My favorite part about this film is the fact that it showed great improvements from the point-of-view of a horror and gore fan. The pacing is better and the brutality is bigger and better. It wasn’t just the gore effects either, I think the editing was tighter and the music was more effectively utilized in the scenes of violence.

Sure, there are still issues; every film has its issues. As a genre piece, this is a little less exploitative than Skumbagz. As a horror film, some may still say it is a little weak. Miller, of course, tends to attempt to bridge the gap between horror, action, and exploitation filmmaking. This is tough to do. In fact, pleasing all of these groups of fans is beyond tough…it’s impossible. So what we need is more filmmakers that are just out to do their own thing. Miller does just that, by utilizing a small cast of individuals that will be recognizable to many fans of this underground label. He drags them from deranged prisons to trashy backyard boxing matches. He puts them in ridiculous crime fueled situations that usually turn into disturbing violence. I felt like this was a nice little genre mash-up that will satisfy many of those previously mentioned genre fans. It won’t blow their minds, but I could see it making some list posts at the end of the year.



Author: Steven Paul

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