Film Review: CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL (2018)

Film Review: CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL (2018)

Feb 2, 2018

Even though evil dolls have been around since the beginning of film, it was ANNABELLE that reanimated it. And CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL may well be the film to kill it again.

Beginning with a prologue set in 1660 in which a witch is dragged off to her doom as her doll, (with eyes that look oddly plastic given the time period), watches. We then jump ahead to 1942, Adeline (Helen Crevel SURVIVAL INSTINCT) and her daughter Chloe (Layla Watts) have relocated to the countryside after their home was destroyed by a German bombing raid. Arthur (Philip Ridout DOGGED) has found them an old manor house going cheap. It even comes with a familiar looking doll. When Chloe goes missing during a game of hide and seek he r mother becomes convinced the spirit of the witch and her doll are involved.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL had the potential to be a nice mix of modern horror and old school Hammer style British Gothic horror. Instead it’s a collection of cliches and shocking twists that aren’t all that shocking. We don’t even see the doll do much beyond move it’s head thanks to the film’s lack of budget.

The technical problems with the film are just as bad. Lighting changes in the middle of a scene, shadows come and go with no reason and I lost count of the times I saw people with modern haircuts. It’s all very sloppy. Perhaps the most unusual thing about CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL is that it’s from High Octane Pictures. Granted they specialize in low budget fare, but it’s usually competently made and not totally boring.

CURSE OF THE WITCH’S DOLL will be available on VOD 2/6, DVD 3/6 and SVOD on 6/5.