Film Review: DARK HARVEST (1992)

Film Review: DARK HARVEST (1992)

Sep 22, 2017

Intervision is another interesting label to collect. It is a lot like Massacre in regard to its coverage of many obscure sub genres in the world of horror. I love the zombie films of Bruno Mattei that they released. While many of their eighties and nineties era SOV titles are hot or miss, they are usually affordable enough to take a chance.

For eleven or twelve bucks, this one may not be worth your money. It does have a second feature (Escapes) which definitely made me feel better about the purchase. While Escapes isn’t even that good, it still softened the blow I suffered when being a little bit let down by Dark Harvest. You see, I was kinda pumped about it at first. It had the DIY gore and silly dialogue that I expected in an SOV era film. After about thirty minutes though, the film began to drag. The ridiculousness of the Indian burial ground storyline and a desert setting that used to be full of wheat fields became played out very quickly. The drawn out conversations, especially around the campfire, became tedious. The only way to fix a slasher with this weak pacing is to have some brutal kills. Instead, the kills quickly became no more than a haunted house attraction with shitty costumes, poor fight sequences, and nothing in the way of style.

For some collectors, the weak dialogue and stupid story may be just enough to fall into their own personal so-bad-it’s-good collection. I’m down with those types of movies…sometimes. I’ve had bad luck lately though. My blind buys just aren’t paying off. Could it be possible that the bottom of the SOV barrel has officially been scraped clean? Probably. Most people out there don’t give a shit about any of these types of films being released anyway; so they would the barrel was empty back in 1995.

Fans of films like 555, The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer, or Murderlust could find a place in their hearts for this film. I would just do something like Black Past, Things, or Violent Shit to test the waters on these types of films before diving in to this one. I just wish it had more gore. Shoot, it may have even felt better if there was twenty minutes edited out of it. At least that would have helped the pacing between kills.