Film Review: THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOMB (2017)

Film Review: THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOMB (2017)

Dec 4, 2017

The Dark Side of the Womb is a new horror comedy from a young writer director by the name of Sam Salerno. It stars Wee Matt and Faye Lytle in one of the strangest love stories that you’ve seen in a long time. You see, it focuses on two characters that manage to find love in one anothers’ societal perceived flaws. The big lady and little guy soon find that their love story is doomed from the start. Caught up in a torrential downpour of jealousy and sexual frustration, they are thrust into utter violence.

This is a low budget, DIY horror film that balances the silly and the vile in a successful manner. While it has a streak of darkness, it still manages to avoid taking itself too seriously. I appreciated the fact that it tried to add the twisted story of love and redemption to something that easily could have just been another slasher or torture film. With that being said, it is still a first time effort from an up and coming filmmaker and crew. This means the viewer does need to be ready for rookie level acting and gore effects. This, of course, for the lovers of splatter, SOV, and DIY horror, is never a problem.

This is a movie that will probably end up as an appropriate addition to your collection of low budget weirdness from labels like Troma, SRS, and Wild Eye. I found it to be reminiscent of classic cult absurdities like Dumpster Baby and Tromeo and Juliet. While you may not find it as memorable as the previously mentioned films, it still has enough similarity to make it purchase-able if you’re that type of collector. I actually found the performances of the protagonists to be pretty good, even more convincing than expected at times. I thought the twisted doctors and unstable jaded lovers, were also great in their darkly comedic violent roles. These aspects alone, may put them ahead of numerous films in the previously mentioned catalogs for some viewers.

Oh yeah, speaking of “that type of collector”, this is going to get a release from The Underground Gorellectors in the near future. It is currently available from the filmmaker’s Kunaki store as well. So if you are looking for over-the-top comedy and oddly disturbing practical effects, it may be for you.