Oct 20, 2017

With a title like  DEATH-SCORT SERVICE PART 2: THE NAKED DEAD (2017) there should be no question just what kind of a film you’re getting. When it’s from The Sleaze Box and director Sean Donohue there is no doubt. The followup to 2015’s DEATH-SCORT SERVICE is everything the original was and more.

Opening with a recap of the first film’s conclusion before jumping into the plot with a particularly graphic, in terms of both gore and full frontal nudity, murder. And plot wise it’s pretty much the same as the first film, an unknown killer slices and dices their way through Las Vegas’s sex workers.

And yes, that sums up the plot. In between we get lots of shots of the girls getting naked, showering, posing and generally showing it off. And if you’re at all familiar with the original, or any of the other films the crew behind this have done such as CANNIBAL CLAUSE or CHAOS AD then that’s probably just what you wanted. This is like a gonzo Euro slasher from the 80s complete with a score by Toshiyuki Hiraoka that sounds like something Goblin would have written for an Argento film. While it doesn’t have the intricate plot of of some of those films it certainly has the plentiful nudity and over the top violence that VHS era veterans will fondly recall.

Of course without good effects a film like this is going to be in trouble, and thankfully DEATH-SCORT SERVICE 2’s effects team Hannah Moon and Limbo Picardo working with props from Marcus Koch create some messy and disturbing splatter. This film made me wince at two different points and that doesn’t happen often.

The cast features some familiar faces, and other body parts, from previous Sleaze Box/Gatorblade films Krystal Pixie Adams reprising her role from the first film as does Joel D. Wynkoop and Bob Glazier lets it all hang out in a hysterical cameo. Filmmaker/effects man Ryan Nicholson provides the voice of the killer and there’s plenty of new blood to round out the cast.

So grab some beer, preferably the cheap, strong stuff most of the characters would be drinking, sit back and enjoy. Just don’t eat first, that might not be such a good idea.