Film Review: DEATH-SCORT SERVICE [SOV Edition] (2015)

Film Review: DEATH-SCORT SERVICE [SOV Edition] (2015)

Jan 20, 2016


The Sleaze Box is known for its insanely raunchy independent film releases. It is the site to go to for the collector that is looking for old shot-on-video (SOV) releases that they can’t find anywhere else. Here, they will also find new sleaze fests that would be perfectly at home in the SOV era that this collector misses so much. The Sleaze Box was established in Tampa, Florida and features some of the biggest indie filmmakers around right now. It is this tight knit group of filmmakers and actors that has some people calling Tampa the slasher capital of Florida. If you go to their website you will recognize the work of filmmakers like Sean Donohue, Chris Woods, and John Miller. The effects work of Marcus Koch will also appear in multiple films. Actors and actresses like Bob Glazier, Krystal Pixie Adams, Cayt Feinics, and Ashley Lynn Caputo will also be recognizable faces in many of the films. Sleaze Box reviews on this site include SkumbagzDie Die Delta Pi, and the most infamous of this company’s releases, Amerikan Holokaust.

Thus moving into the world of infamy, I give you Death-Scort Service. It was reviewed on this site earlier in the year. This, however, is an all new release of the film. It is the SOV version of the film and the extended director’s cut. So how does one create a SOV film that was originally shot digitally? They take the HD version and drop it to VHS. They then transfer it to mini DV and then put it on DVD. They then repeat the process so the film ends up with a low-tech sleazy look, that weirdos like me absolutely love. It creates a retro feel that fans of the old school will find undeniably awesome. This, I believe, is a groundbreaking move. For the collectors out there, scouring the web for old out of print VHS or limited/numbered DVD releases, this is a great idea. It is a process that gives us the storage advantages of the DVD with the look and feel of the VHS era we grew up loving.

This process, of course, is a little more tedious than just digitally filming and stamping out a bunch of DVD’s. The Sleaze Box released this first SOV edition at $15 bucks! Since many limited release VHS films are very expensive, I think this company found a great way to give us the best of both worlds in an affordable package. This is way cheaper than I expected it to be. It is a little bit more than their other releases; but, it is well worth the extra couple bucks.

So as for the film, it is a nasty trip through the underbelly of society. It is vulgar, violent, and vile. It takes the old school slasher aspect of Die Die Delta Pi and mixes in the nudity and sleaziness of Skumbagz. For me, this is a great work of fusion. I feel like this film takes the best parts of those previously mentioned, and still manages to do its own thing. This movie, for instance, has more nudity than Skumbagz; but, it focuses less on sexual activity. This movie also has inventive kills, which is similar to Die Die Delta Pi; however, it takes the slasher aspects in a much darker direction. With so many horror comedies and eighties throwbacks coming out, I was glad to see that this film did not rely on too much silliness.

In  the end, this film had a undeniable amount of horrific discomfort throughout. At times, I thought the nudity was a little over-the-top; however, there was enough gore to remind me that I was watching a fucked up horror movie, and not just a bunch of strippers. As a slasher film, the gore effects are also absolutely phenomenal. In fact, there is one scene that is so brutally graphic that you will remember it for a long time. This is probably the scene that had the film banned from numerous festivals. I’m telling you, it is scene of maximum discomfort that the gorehound and fan of extreme cinema will truly appreciate. It was so convincingly brutal that my stomach churns just thinking about it.

So as of now, this edition of the film is limited to only 50 copies. The more modern viewer may not be interested in the purposeful downgrade of film quality. So they should at least go to the website and pick up a regular copy of the film. It is one of my favorite and most brutal indie films of the year. The collector also needs to stay on the lookout for the SOV version. Maybe they will find it to be so popular that they do another release. Maybe someday the collector will get their chance to view the ultra limited version that I have in my possession.