Film Review: DOOM ASYLUM (1987)

Film Review: DOOM ASYLUM (1987)

Jul 10, 2018

One of Arrow Video’s upcoming B-movie shit shows is the restoration of a cinematic disaster that is absolutely impossible to ignore. It was directed by Richard Friedman (Scared Stiff) and featured two Playboy models (one of which was also the famous Frankenhooker) and the one girl from Sex and the City who wasn’t quite as annoying as the other ones.

Doom Asylum is the name of this 1987 gory absurdity. It centers around a totally douchey guy that almost dies in a car crash after coming into a ton of money. After his girlfriend dies in the accident and he is left permanently scarred and disfigured, he takes up shelter in an abandoned asylum. As time passes, stories of murder and mayhem attract many visitors to the asylum. Eventually, ten years later, however, his dead girlfriend’s teenage daughter decides to stop by with her stereotypical group of friends that represent every high school clique and cliche. This group not only represents every teen movie character with hilarity, but they will also burn some of the most ridiculous one liners and absurdly written comedic horror situations into your mind forever.

Anyway, most of them end up dead, along with a strange group of girls that make up the worst doom-black-industrial-death-atmospheric-black-metal-fusion-band you’ve ever heard. The kills are accented by glorious gore effects and punctuated with terrible one liners from the amazing killer that you will be able to check out in the video below. I’m telling you that as far as slashers go, this one will not disappoint. It’s so bad it’s good, possessing everything that you need for a nostalgic romp back through the days of retro gore effects and Friday the 13th cash grabs. As far as Arrow Video goes, it is one of my favorite releases in awhile.

So yes, I’m obviously going to recommend this one. You have to be a fan, however, of films like The Mutilator or The Slayer (which have also been restored by Arrow)  to really get your money’s worth out of this purchase. The current pre-order price on Amazon is absurd, so you definitely have to weigh the normal collector pros and cons. While I love the film, I wouldn’t pay forty dollars for it. Sadly enough, I will have to wait for a dramatic price drop or the winter sale to pick this one up. It’s sad too, because I really do love the film. I just have trouble justifying a purchase once anything (even Criterions) creeps above the twenty-seven dollar mark.